Cooler Master's Praetorian 731

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Darkedge 5th April 2005, 14:01 Quote
okay review - but missing out the basic info on this case (drive slots, dimensions) was just LAZY. There is no search for your old reviews and you didn't even bother with a link to a previous one which had the details.
Come on guys you can do better than that.

*EDIT - Thanks for the update with the link guys.

That splodge looks terrible and most half arsed as you point out.

The top mounted ports are badly placed in the middle and v few people will be able to use as PC tops get used for putting things lots - real shame they didn't put the alternative bracket for moving those ports to the front.
Sc0rian 5th April 2005, 16:23 Quote
Nice review/case..

Its a nice case.. But not one of coolermasters best products

- S
Bindibadgi 5th April 2005, 16:35 Quote
Originally Posted by Sc0rian

Its a nice case.. But not one of coolermasters best products

- S

Hmm, "Meh" tbh. Another rehash of the same old stuff. I know many people like that style but it hasnt changed in what, 3 years? Wow, it has a new front and another 80mm in the back. Id like to see them developing the insides more, or designing something new.
zr_ox 5th April 2005, 20:01 Quote
Coolermaster used to make cases for the enthusiasts who were prepared to pay a little extra for something special.

These days it seems like the style is dropping as fast as the price. I kind of hoped for something a little better than this for the next generation

Good review as always though....except for the final build picture with all of the installed components :?
therealdave 6th April 2005, 05:08 Quote
wow another case that i wont buy... they all look the same these days

with cases i'll normally take a glance at what it looks like onthe outside and then if it passes the would look ok next to desk / with some mods test look to see if the inards are ok

im still happy with meh antec plus view 1000AMG

altho the case here looks nice but it looks just like they have shoved a new front on their current line up of cases...pah
WTF_Shelley 14th April 2005, 16:04 Quote
Why haven't they made the move from 80's to 120's. 4 stock 80's in a case Why not stick a Harriers jump jet to the roof of the friggin' thing! and that plastic venetian blind of a grill looks cheap and will only make things worse
NoMercy 18th April 2005, 01:10 Quote
I do prefer larger fans in a case, ignoring that the features are good and at least looking from the back/side it's a nice case, but geez I'd not want to roll over in bed and be stareing at that face :)
streetknight 18th April 2005, 01:23 Quote
the case it self looks like a coolmaster wavemaster just with a different front bezel.
TMM 18th April 2005, 07:17 Quote
Not my cup of tea, and i agree that they should have implemented atleast a 120mm exhaust.
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