PC Hardware Buyer's Guide August 2013

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D B 28th June 2014, 12:10 Quote
Originally Posted by D B

. you well know that this guide is a feature that many like, and one to which I direct people who are interested in building their own PC's .. It's really too bad you don't take better care of it .
I'll just leave this right .... here
jon 18th July 2014, 14:57 Quote
boyparka 24th July 2014, 17:46 Quote
Looking to buy a new PC in September (2014 -- better make sure). Six weeks should suffice for you to do a new guide, no? :)
D B 11th September 2014, 02:25 Quote
Originally Posted by boyparka
Looking to buy a new PC in September (2014 -- better make sure). Six weeks should suffice for you to do a new guide, no? :)
No ;) ... well, not much time left is there

PC Hardware Buyer's Guide August 2013 ... not even yearly now
D B 9th November 2014, 14:37 Quote
maybe by next year? ... yeah ... that's it
chrisb2e9 10th November 2014, 23:23 Quote
I bought my last pc in 2011. Would like to upgrade and don't want to research every component... If Bit tech doesn't have a current guide, does anyone know of another site that does?
Anfield 11th November 2014, 00:59 Quote
If you answer the following:


Intended use? (gaming, htpc, office, whatever)

Other criteria? (watercooling, unlocked cpu, compact size, whatever)

There will be plenty of people willing to help out.
jimbok11 28th January 2015, 16:03 Quote
Miss having these monthly guides...shame they've stopped :(
Impatience 29th January 2015, 00:07 Quote
Wondered why necro was happening.. But it'd be useful to have them!
D B 17th April 2015, 17:50 Quote
Maybe by Skylake they'll have something , Or maybe not :shrug:
My next build will likely be Skylake , especially if price/performance warrants it, or I might go prior generation if not
ether way, I'll be doing research for it , looking here, and elsewhere also if BitTech doesn't have a guide
Kacela 28th April 2015, 12:06 Quote
Man, I miss these Buyer's Guides.. they're what first brought me to this site years ago - and what kept me coming back regularly.
D B 20th October 2015, 10:07 Quote
well ... Skylake is here ... Bit-Tech Buyers Guide is not

It's been over 2 years since you published one, and no explanation of ... why?
Shirty 20th October 2015, 11:52 Quote
Probably because it was done in conjunction with Custom PC, and the site and magazine have been divorced for some time now...
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