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mclean007 1st June 2011, 17:32 Quote
Originally Posted by jamsand
Originally Posted by logan'srun
if I wanted a photo- editing machine(multi-tasker, some film editing - no gaming) with tons of storage should I look at the set up for the Gaming Workhorse or the All Rounder?

I'd go for the gaming workhorse then add in 8GB of RAM rather than 4GB, if you want to save money down grade the Graphics card a bit but the 560 is a fantastic card

I say the gaming workhorse as the CPU will be doing a lot of the render work with editing and lots of memory is a must.

Soundcard really isn't needed either unless your doing music production on some nice high-end stuff
They're not really comparable though, are they? The Gaming Workhorse costs almost £500 more than the All-Rounder, so obviously it's a more capable machine, but query whether Logan needs everything it has to offer. It really depends on budget, but I definitely agree that the i5-2500K is a more solid CPU choice for editing work than the Pentium G7950.

Rather than cut down the Gaming Workhorse, I'd be inclined to beef up the Enthusiast Overclocker (which Logan seems to have forgotten about) by increasing the RAM to 8GB and dropping in an SSD for Windows, Photoshop (or whatever) and current working files, then use the Spinpoint for mass storage. That should easily be doable for under £800, which is a decent saving compared to the Gaming Workhorse upgraded to 8GB of RAM which would come in around £950 for little discernable benefit if he's not gaming. Spend the difference if you can afford and need it on increasing the storage, maybe putting in mirrored 2TB drives for extra data security.

Make sure you get a GPU that is compatible with video acceleration on whatever software you're using, as this will make a huge difference to performance.
MSHunter 9th June 2011, 21:21 Quote
Originally Posted by technogiant
Trouble with the motherboard you've chosen is the lack of any possibility of crossfire/sli because the second slot is only X4 electrically. That really limits the possibility of making a gaming powerhouse by using two more buget minded overclockable cards.

For instance my current system a Foxconn X38a chipset mobo socket 775 has two pciex16 2.0 both of which are x16 electrically even when both populated......I'm using an sli patch as the mobo chipset doesn't normally support sli and have two palit 2gb gtx460's sli'ed together and OCed to 820MHz from the stock of 675MHz.....matched with a Q6600 @3.5GH and 8Gb DDR2 this would shame all but your most expensive build in gpu limited gaming scenarios.

It really does play max settings and 1920X1200.

A lot of games do not support multi GPUs this is something that only help under "Ideal" circumstances and then not much.
Toga 9th June 2011, 22:16 Quote
Got a wee bit of a problem with the recommendation of a 560 TI and the Antec TruePower New 650W, which I've now found out much to my cost that they aren't compatible. After the 560 freezing my pc numerous times during both heavy gaming and watching basic youtube videos, I've found out that it requires the 12v rails to be rated at 30A, but the highest rails the antec has are 25A. It's the only thing I can find that could be causing this problem, and if it is the power supplies fault, why is it being recommended with this card if it doesn't match the cards requirements?
MSHunter 9th June 2011, 23:13 Quote
You should be able to use one plug from each different cable and then you will be ok. Might have to use the adaptor that came with the GPU so you can use one of the other normal power cable thereby spreading the amps over two rails.
Fingers66 9th June 2011, 23:23 Quote
The 560Ti needs 31A in total but it doesn't have to be from a single rail. The Antec TruePower New 650w has four rails, two of which can be used for GPU's and each is rated at 25A.

You need to connect the PCI-E cable with the blue stripe (non-modular cable) to one of the 560Ti 6-pin connectors, then use the modular PCI-E cable with the green stripe to connect to the other 560Ti 6-pin connector. This cable with the green stripe needs to be plugged into the socket on the PSU marked 12V4.
Toga 9th June 2011, 23:45 Quote
Ooh, brilliant, I'll give that a shot tomorrow then. Appreciate the help guys.
Toga 10th June 2011, 10:36 Quote
Right, tried it out & still the same problem, crashes between 15-30min after boot while either watching youtube or playing a game that draws a lot of resources. I've found an old 850w non modular power supply with a single 12v rail at 38A, so gonna give that a try tonight.

Is there anyone here that's successfully using that card with that psu?

Edit: moved this to it's own thread, don't wanna clog this one up.
bumperbid 10th June 2011, 12:44 Quote
use the Google dev
CrazyJoe 23rd June 2011, 10:35 Quote
Will there be a June guide?
tad2008 24th June 2011, 13:51 Quote
Just bought the Radeon 6850 to replace my 8600GTS, based on the reviews and buyers guide here on BT, turned out to be cheaper than the 460 and am currently enjoying playing through Witcher 2 again, this time on High settings and AA turned on, though CD Projects settings still wanted to use the low options.

A much better game experience for me and thanks BT for the recommendations ;)
elalcaudon 25th June 2011, 10:07 Quote
In all honesty, my preferences were pretty much what everyone else would have used the relevant builds for. The only thing I did change on the Gamer was the PSU since I couldn't get one due to stock shortages but I used the recommendation in the CPC mag which sometimes wierdly differs from the Bit-Tech recommendations.
facwit 29th June 2011, 15:08 Quote
When is the June/July guide going to be out?
rainbowfication 30th June 2011, 13:22 Quote
will there be a July guide? i know there wasn't much change last month any change soonish
toolio20 3rd July 2011, 19:39 Quote
There should be no June guide, since we are in July. The way things are going, I'm srsly doubting they'll even put out one for this month. I'd be thrilled to be proven wrong, though (cough cough ahem etc).

BT's buyer's guides were always one of my favorite articles, it seems ridiculous they've let them slide so far to the wayside...maybe they'll get back on track at some point?
chrisb2e9 5th July 2011, 01:46 Quote
There was no point in putting one out for last month. There was no new hardware. Last I heard on the subject they do have some new motherboards to test and then we should see a new one.
facwit 7th July 2011, 11:03 Quote
Why cant they just post a comment - no new kit to test this month. Next guide is coming in August.
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