Asus ROG Strix Z270F Gaming Review

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IanW 4th January 2017, 13:18 Quote
Originally Posted by Antony Leather
and hopefully a new mini-ITX Impact at some point too.

According to Asus' press release, the Strix Z270I Gaming is the new Impact.
Combatus 4th January 2017, 15:16 Quote
We haven't seen anything to specifically say the Impact isn't happening. It usually gets released a month or two after a chipset launch and our thinking is the ROG Strix Z270I Gaming is a replacement for the Z170i Pro Gaming. We've asked Asus for some clarity however and will report back!
Vault-Tec 4th January 2017, 17:54 Quote
Having been on RGB LEDs for nearly a decade I can say they do absolutely nothing for me. Having said that this is easily one of the best looking motherboards I have yet seen, so congratulations Asus.
jinq-sea 4th January 2017, 17:57 Quote
It's lovely, isn't it. I can't help feeling that everything has 'gone all big' again though - I'd love to see this level of attention lavished on ITX stuff by manufacturers (oh, and mATX at a push too :)).
bagman 5th January 2017, 20:40 Quote
Did you guys bend one of the pins for the I/O front panel connector? Just looking at the last photo.
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