MSI X99A Tomahawk Review

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bawjaws 23rd November 2016, 14:16 Quote
Arsenal series? But it isn't red and white!
Combatus 23rd November 2016, 15:42 Quote
No gooners here please ;)
Vault-Tec 23rd November 2016, 16:14 Quote
Originally Posted by Combatus
No gooners here please ;)

You a yid then?
bawjaws 23rd November 2016, 17:17 Quote
My old man
Said be an Arsenal fan
I said... Actually, this is a family forum, so best not repeat :D
Mr_Mistoffelees 28th November 2016, 20:29 Quote
The only team in the English league with "arse" in it's name.
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