Cyberpower Achilles Pro 4K Gaming System Review

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Hustler 27th August 2014, 10:03 Quote
Holy crap..£2000 to play the latest releases at 20-30fps...err no thanks.

I'd much rather have a 2560x1440 panel for now and worry about 4K when it's actually relevant to single GPU gaming, which should be in about 2016, given the shameless re-branding exercise that are the so called 'new' GPU cards currently being released.

4K resolution is the future, just not yet.
Nexxo 27th August 2014, 10:08 Quote
I'll wait for it to become last year's tech, and snap up what is still pretty good hardware at a bargain price.

Meanwhile my second-hand 30" 2560x1600 monitor will do fine. :)
rollo 27th August 2014, 11:45 Quote
4k like oculus rift is still several generations of Gpu technology away from been totally Viable and not costing 2-3 times the cost of the device or monitor to get a viable fps figure.

Get rid of the 4k monitor and tags and it's not a bad pc if a touch over priced enough for someone not wanting to self build its still more reasonable than Alienware would charge for such a build.

Still a huge lack of content similar to DVD when it launched and blue ray after it in truth. Be a while before streaming gives a true 4k bit rate.
t5kcannon 27th August 2014, 12:50 Quote
Nice computer and review, but a bit costly. Problem is that gpu units are currently lagging behind monitors. I do wonder how many games look that much better (if at all?) on a 4k display versus a good 2560x1440 27"? How many games actually make use of those extra pixels? It might not have the 4K pixel density, but something like the 34" LG 34UM95-P Ultrawide adds another upgrade path to consider.
tonyd223 27th August 2014, 12:53 Quote
Y'know, I suppose one of the best things about the old CRT monitors - variable resolutions... wouldn't go back tho
greigaitken 27th August 2014, 16:49 Quote
it's £2k, thats £3k less than the ocuk boxes bit-tech was muttering about last week. The ones that come with a 'free' 2nd gpu.
Anfield 27th August 2014, 20:32 Quote
They should just admit that currently a single GPU solution isn't capable of 4K gaming.

Stick a 2nd 780ti in there and then maybe, but as it is? Not even fast enough for current games at 4K.
Maki role 28th August 2014, 00:29 Quote
Funny how we got a review of a PC built in an H440 before one of the H440 itself. I know a review itself is a little meaningless now as everybody else did one months ago, not to mention everybody and their mum seems to have an H440 build (if you go by what once sees on /r/buildapc anyway). But it would be nice to have simply in the charts as a comparison. After all, it's one of those cases that a lot of upcoming cases will be judged against, especially direct competitors like the Enthoo Pro etc.
maverik-sg1 28th August 2014, 10:24 Quote
This is a very powerful PC no doubt, looks gorgeous too, but sorry, it's not really a 4k gaming machine if it's not pumping out 60fps @ 4k resolutions.

What concerns me is that games may not be drawn in 4k so we will still need AA just to get rid of the jagged edges - the art departments need to up their game :)

Based on the performance of this system and agreeing that 4k @ 60fps is the target for a rig to be true to the label of 4k gaming machine, we're 2 or more years away from 4k being mainstream, aren't we?

Also, if we're talking 4k we have to mention monitor prices, which need to come down a by half of where they are today, don't they?
fluxtatic 29th August 2014, 08:55 Quote
> 200W at idle? No thanks
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