Z97 Close Up: Gigabyte and Asus ROG boards

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SchizoFrog 3rd May 2014, 14:54 Quote
Maybe I am in error but if the cooler can clear RAM modules I am pretty certain it can clear SATA cables?
jrs77 3rd May 2014, 15:13 Quote
Originally Posted by SchizoFrog
Maybe I am in error but if the cooler can clear RAM modules I am pretty certain it can clear SATA cables?

That may be true, but you'll need to use angled ones, blocking atleast half of your SATA-ports. And then there's the PCIe-Slot which you'll block, by rotating the cooler another 90°.

The positioning of the socket and the ports used in the standard intel-layout are simply the most perfect for using these large top-blower coolers.

Also, having a single large cooler like the AXP-200 covering the whole board means, that you can cool every component on the board with this single cooling-solution. It cools your RAM, your chipset, your picoPSU (if you use one), and ofc your CPU and the MOSFETs etc. In other words... it's the perfect solution for a small workstation when you don't need a dedicated GPU but only the iGP instead.

I'm hoping for some standard-layout mITX-board to be available for the 14nm-parts from intel, as I want to replace my current rig next year with such a small workstation as I don't need a dedicated GPU anymore.
It would be even better with an i7 hexa-core, as I only need CPU-grunt for rendering 3d-images. :p
captain caveman 5th May 2014, 00:18 Quote
Originally Posted by Dogbert666
I'm well aware about the SATA Express connection and its backwards compatibility, but my question was about what advantage SATA Express brings over M.2. I need to be careful about how much I say about how Z97 is implementing the two standards because of NDAs, but they both run at the same speeds. And the backwards compatibility thing doesn't apply as an advantage because if you wanted to use standard SATA 6Gbps ports, the ROG boards have plenty of them anyway. I just thought captain caveman's comment was interesting - I guess we have to wait and see what devices come to the SATA Express form factors. In terms of speed though, there's no difference between the two, at least not here.
interesting point your making, my understanding was that sata express was going to give a considerable speed hike
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