Primochill Wet Bench Review

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Blarte 31st October 2013, 15:56 Quote
I don't get bench test rigs .. card board boxes taped together, serve the same purpose, still each to their own.
ChaosDefinesOrder 31st October 2013, 17:17 Quote
I know it's purely superficial and blah blah blah, but that motherboard is gorgeous...
PingCrosby 1st November 2013, 22:37 Quote
I got quite excited when I saw the heading Wet Bench but quickly realized I was on the wrong website, sorry bout that, I'll just pop back over to and order the real thing
Vetalar 2nd November 2013, 07:15 Quote
while my current rig located at the home-made cardboard "bench" it's a good idea to has "factory" one. how does PSU fixed on it? does it have options to cool HDDs? how sturdy GFX fixation?
keir 6th November 2013, 15:57 Quote
Well I was going to use a mobo tray for my new "mod" (gaming PC in a cupboard) but this looks very nice
keir 6th November 2013, 15:58 Quote
wow, just seen the £95 price tag. I'll leave that then, haha.
kzinti1 24th February 2014, 08:41 Quote
The switches that came with my kit are really cheap and flimsy. The 1st thing I'm replacing.
I don't use Facebook and the like, but I've found a number of listings during a Google Search for various mods of this kit.
I'm thinking of adding helicoils to sturdy the build somewhat as the threads used in the plastic won't hold up to very many test builds using this bench.
Don't get me wrong, I really like this kit. I chose the white base and carbon mobo tray. It looks quite classy.
Performance PC also has quite a few accessories for this bench, making it quite a bit of fun in the long run.
I think the psu mount was left off for ease of moving this bench around. It's easy to unplug the cables from the psu then reattach the cables when you get it to its final destination. Different colored mobo tray kits may also be purchased separately giving this piece of kit an easy refresh treatment when you get the urge.
The only thing I didn't like was, as I mentioned, the cheap switches that came with it. Easily fixed, though.
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