MSI GeForce GTX 760 Twin Frozr OC 2GB Review

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maverik-sg1 9th July 2013, 10:29 Quote
Originally Posted by Panos
Nothing new here.
Seems my GTX580 going to be replaced by an AMD 8000 series when they come out in Autumn.

Replacing a previous top end card with a £200 mid range card? That's not a like for like comparison, so I don't understand your logic in making the statement above.

If it were me, I'd be looking at a £325 GTX770 as a cost comparative performer in todays market versus the GTX580 - which is a 40% speed boost in most things.

I am not saying don't wait for the AMD card, just be more fair in your comparisons, if your budget is lower than it was when you purchased the 580 then say so - but don't expect a £200 GPU to overpower a 2yr old top end card.
caution 21st July 2013, 18:16 Quote
What an excellent card and what a killer value.

But a nice plain backplate wouldn't hurt anyone, would it? I know there's nothing major to cool back there, but still.
mrbens 12th September 2013, 23:05 Quote
Originally Posted by SuicideNeil
One thing I find odd/annoying about these reviews is the OC performance charts; it's hardly fair to compare an overclocked card against non-overclocked ones as it gives a false sense of performance. Compare how well all the tested cards do ( or just a selection as is the case now ) when overclocked and it be much more representative of it's overclocked performance....

Yes, I've always thought that would be a good idea too. It's no good saying OCd it out performs the 670 when if you overclock the 670 you're just right back where you started!

Hoping to grab this card at the weekend unless I can get a good deal on the Asus DirectCU II 670 (fingers crossed).
shedowstep 1st June 2014, 04:23 Quote
When I tried to set my overclock to the same settings as you have, it crashed my gpu.

My specs are
i5 4670K: 3.4GHz
MSI Z78 G45
8GB 1600MHz Corsair Vengeance
Corsair RM1000 1000W

Would love some help as I have currently set the clocksettings to:
Core Voltage: +12
Power Limit: 120
Core Clock: +120
Memory Cloick +400
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