Primochill Compression Tube Reservoir Review

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[USRF]Obiwan 4th April 2013, 14:37 Quote
My daily 24/7 PC is water cooled since 2001, it still uses the same two reservoirs, Eheim pump and radiator and also all the rubber rings never changed. But I switched the CPU block two times, also the tubes from 6mm to 12mm tubing. And 3 PC component upgrades.

That is almost 11 years of functioning without any problem, no leaks and surviving numerous hardware upgrades over the years. Although I drain old liquid and refill it with fresh 'fesser one' once a year.

I can say Water Cooling is crazy reliable in keeping the hardware cool and sillent for years...
mybadomen 4th April 2013, 20:48 Quote
Love the review and i have been using a few Primochill CTR reservoirs for a while now and i personally think they are amazing. I can turn the tops to make the top and bottom fittings line up perfect without having to loosen any threads and whats even cooler in my upcoming Mod Legion i will be cutting one of the reservoirs shorter to the size i need and the compression caps make this Possible. Totally agree needs to come with a couple Port Plugs which i am sure they will fix.

Great Review and Great Product that i personally run in 3 builds at the moment.
Blackshark 5th April 2013, 08:09 Quote
Obi, I agree. Till I moved to Sweden I had been water cooling about the same length of time. The only leak I had was forgetting to connect a tube before filling up! Ahh the impetuousness of youth!! I never suffered from half the problems of fouling that I read about.

But today, if I went down the desktop root, I suspect I would go for a closed loop job.No cutting / measuring tubes!

Really like the product though. Nice review.
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