Ozone Radon Opto review

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g_gimbert 3rd August 2012, 18:57 Quote
I've been using one of these for a few months now and this review is spot-on.

The mouse is pretty good, but is let down by slightly iffy ergonomics. I found I've adapted easily enough to the thumb button placement, but lack of anywhere to rest the little finger is the main issue. The LED's that light up to indicate which sensitivity level is selected are pointless too - they cannot be seen from an angle so are only of any use if you look directly down at them from above, which is pretty unlikely.

However, I do really like it, and the shape isn't really an issue if you use a claw grip (personally I use both a claw and palm grip depending on what I'm doing). I think the soft-touch plastic is a great feature - much better than cheap shiny plastic.
TheDodoKiller 4th August 2012, 15:19 Quote
I'm sure it's a good mouse, but I'll never buy anything from Ozone again.

I've owned 2 headsets from them- a Spark and a Strato Evo.

Both of these headsets broke- The strato was to replace the Spark- which had a broken microphone.

Since contacting Ozone support, I've heard not a dicky bird from them. Not even 'Sorry, but nothing we can do since it's out of warranty' I've come to doubt they even have some sort of customer service department.

I certainly won't ever buy an Ozone product again.
Lee @ Scan 7th August 2012, 16:21 Quote
I've tried this mouse out at a friends and its a step back when you compare it to their Ozone Smog mouse (which I have and frankly can't find anything wrong with it at all)
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