CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Review

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Elton 13th July 2012, 09:50 Quote
Originally Posted by Guinevere
If you really believe that then you probably haven't been alive long enough to see them get outdated.

Well to be fair a 20 year lifespan is admittedly a bit ridiculous.
David 13th July 2012, 09:56 Quote

My first mouse, you found it!
Rafe Zetter 20th August 2012, 19:48 Quote
Originally Posted by Guinevere
Hey look at me I'm a GAMING mouse for GAMERS. Come and look at my LIGHTS you GAMERS. You're a GAMER right? You need LIGHTS and MESH and BLING because you're a GAMER and you like to play GAMES so need a mouse with LIGHTS designed for GAMERS just like you!

WEIGHTS! Don't forget my WEIGHTS, they're underneath... take a look... but mind my MESH and my LIGHTS! WEIGHTS are for real GAMERS who like to GAME and GAME LARGE!

And because you're a GAMER I've got some really GAMERTASTIC software to go me. It's got a real GAMER feel to it with a GAMER USER INTERFACE. It's got a GAMER FONT and GAMER SLIDERS and RED! Which is the colour of blood you know, and GAMERS like blood so that's cool right?

All together:


Chant it with me!

GAMER GAMER GAmer... gamer...

Anyone? Anyone?

Just me?

I'd join in but too busy laughing :) I think that's exactly how many product developers see us gamers..
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