Corsair Vengeance 1300 Review

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Eiffie 23rd February 2012, 17:29 Quote
Could a photo of the plugs on headset reviews be shown? The article mentions it doesn't feature a USB sound card connector but does that mean a standard 3.5mm jack is on the end? Is there more than 1 connector to account for the microphone? If either a photo could be added in future reviews or please always list the connector types and amounts for headsets I would greatly appreciate it.
Material 23rd February 2012, 17:54 Quote
Yes, it's regular 3.5mm jacks - one for the mic (output), one for the headphones (input)
Eiffie 23rd February 2012, 19:28 Quote
Originally Posted by Material
Yes, it's regular 3.5mm jacks - one for the mic (output), one for the headphones (input)

Thank you.
Bokonist 23rd February 2012, 21:49 Quote
Nice review, I'm looking for a headset at the moment. I liked the 'sound' of the Vulcan but I use Freetrack for flight sims and racing games. These seem to be close in quality but the shape of the headband (on the corsiar) looks a bit easier to build a clip for.
mi1ez 23rd February 2012, 22:41 Quote
65dos. Nice.
TheDarkSide 23rd February 2012, 23:11 Quote
"we don’t hand them out as regular as some.."

Pretty sure i know who you're implying here. And i agree, when awards are handed out to nearly every product they just lose their meaning.
rogerrabbits 24th February 2012, 05:32 Quote
Increasing the volume of headphones to get rid of external noise is one of the most common ways people permanently damage their hearing.
eVoPhantom 24th February 2012, 09:36 Quote
I have the 1500 versions and can tell you there is certainly no problem with lack of volume, I found that I had to tweak the EQ so that the highs didn't deafen me! Overall I am happy with them, they are certainly better than the creatives ones I had before. They are very comfortable, they seem to produce accurate rather than overblown bass.
Mankz 16th August 2012, 23:45 Quote
I've just picked up one of these and its fab. Comfy, easy to use, good long cables, good audio/mic quality.

My only slight niggle is that the top volume level could do with being just a notch higher. It's not punchy enough when you try to listen to music. Otherwise, much recommended.
woof82 29th May 2016, 16:28 Quote
Nice long cables and very comfy. Mic is a bit close to the face and can be very sensitive. Biggest complaint is the cables are prone to fraying inside the left ear, losing sound out of one side.
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