Corsair Vengeance M90 Review

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blinkieleblind 21st February 2012, 10:24 Quote
As an MMO (SWTOR mainly and some Rift) player this is an interesting addition. I currently use the CM Storm inferno which i love but doesn't have that solid feel to it. I have been looking for a new mouse as i would like a few more thumb buttons so this is a serious contender...... of course there is the Cyborg MMO 7 mouse which is what i really want. This does give me options though.
WILD9 21st February 2012, 11:37 Quote
How does this compare to the CM Inferno which was reviewed well on here a while back and has a similar feature set?
blinkieleblind 21st February 2012, 12:03 Quote
Well i can not compare it as i have not tried this mouse but i have had the inferno for over year now and it is a great mouse. probably the best i have had so far. The macro system with the mouse is quite intuitive and easy to learn and the mouse has great adaptability. My issue with it is that it feels light and plasticy, and i much prefer a mouse which has a bit of weight behind it. The software also annoys me somewhat as i feel it lacks some functionality and i cant seem to macro the IE back button for whatever reason.

In all honesty though for the price it is an epic mouse.
russ555 21st February 2012, 14:08 Quote
I've had an inferno for a year or 2 and while it isn't bad I would rather pay the bit extra and get the M90 based on this review.

As mentioned the inferno's software isn't bad but it has it's odd moments. Such as every time I open it it will reset my sensitivity. Plus in places where I have tried to clean it a plasticy film thing has started to come off and it looks a mess :(
trig 21st February 2012, 14:58 Quote
sexy...can i haz itz babiez?

who is the oem?
rogerrabbits 21st February 2012, 16:26 Quote
Looks promising. I currently use a G500 and it's good, but the macro software is a bit limited.
aLtikal 21st February 2012, 22:53 Quote
Hmmmm I sort of feel this article doesn't cover as much as it could when it comes to the topic of gaming mouse...abit more...Kinda skims the surface only...
iamlilysdad 22nd February 2012, 08:24 Quote
I have this mouse. I echo what was said about the build quality and feel of the buttons. It's really comfortable for me, and it feels like it was designed for the way I hold a mouse.

Where I disagree is with the software. As has been stated in many other forums (and on Corsair's own support forums) it's lacking. There are no instructions on how to use it. When you do use the macro feature (which is pretty good once you figure out how to use it) it's hit or miss (mostly miss) if it works. I've honestly yet to get all the buttons to work in SWTOR. Supposedly the "run as administrator" trick makes it work, but the game is down for maintenance so I can't test this. If it works great, but it should be published somewhere that you need to do this.

So the two areas that Corsair really needs to work on IMHO is a user guide for the software and better game support for the main MMO's that are being played with the mouse. I would assume that people at Corsair also play the same games and are noticing the same issues.
B1ackbeard 22nd February 2012, 09:41 Quote
iamlilysdad, there is a User Guide for the M90. It's here:

AFAIK, SWTOR doesn't actually support macros, but if you use Hardware Playback mode (see the guide, and stickies in the Corsair forum) you can get them to work.
N17 dizzi 22nd February 2012, 12:12 Quote
Great review. I have the M60 which, tho expensive, is also a great mouse.
Diopter 22nd February 2012, 12:33 Quote
The mouse wheel is lame and soggy feeling, and the buttons can't be relied on in the heat of battle? 86%? Really? Apparently these features aren't top criteria in a gaming mouse then.

"Quick pull your knife out!"
"Oh damn I'm dead and now my thumb hurts too."
Lsane 22nd February 2012, 16:10 Quote
I recently had this mouse and sent it back after 2 days. The software cannot replicate a held down keyboard key on the extra buttons. So don't expect to be able to use Vent or Teamspeak with one of these extra buttons, or use shift/ctrl/alt + (any key). The software is still currently in beta - I found that macro system user unfriendly despite the guide. There are a number of other oddities with this mentioned on the technical forums.

The mouse does feel great in the hand. But that is as far as it goes. The back and bottom side buttons require too much force to use in the heat of gaming moment and the left and right mouse buttons are the complete opposite, ensuring accidental left clicks and right clicks. The mouse is also too heavy. The metal plate along the bottom cannot be adjusted.

Check out the corsair forums first. I think future mice from corsair could be better.
B1ackbeard 22nd February 2012, 16:19 Quote
We taking all the feedback about new features / feature requests on-board for future revisions, but the current Beta has generally had really great feedback. The buttons are designed so that you can't easily press them accidently, as we thought it better to have it this way, rather than make them easy to accidently press.

There's a guide on configuring PTT here:
sear 23rd February 2012, 06:33 Quote
Funny how the review goes on about how good the software is, but doesn't provide a run-down of all its features or even a screenshot of it. If this stuff is so important then why is coverage so lacking? I only bring this up because it seems to be a strong point and yet it's glazed over.

Anandtech goes into detail on it, so why doesn't bit-tech?

I know there's only so much you can say about mice, but what about the accuracy of the tracking compared to other mice? How smoothly it glides on different surfaces? How is Corsair's support and community participation? Are there driver and software updates available? What sort of warranty does it have, and does the mouse seem like it'll last that long? The durability and resistance to dust etc.? The quality of the packaging and included documentation and other feelies? To be frank, this article strikes me less like an in-depth review and more like a features list with a score tacked on based on five minutes of impressions.
TheLostSwede 23rd February 2012, 19:51 Quote
86% for a mouse with a bad scroll wheel and buttons that are too hard to press? Maybe the bit-tech writers should read each others articles, there was one about scoring games a while back that seems to apply just as much when it comes to hardware...
sear 25th February 2012, 05:10 Quote
Originally Posted by TheLostSwede
86% for a mouse with a bad scroll wheel and buttons that are too hard to press? Maybe the bit-tech writers should read each others articles, there was one about scoring games a while back that seems to apply just as much when it comes to hardware...
Every games and tech industry writer knows that their paycheck comes from ad deals with manufacturers and content creators. Everyone knows it's a major problem, but nobody is interested in actually changing it since it'd basically require a coordinated industry-wide effort to both change policy and expose all the backroom deals and subtle persuasive measures (like, say, not responding to your e-mail requests as quickly and providing fewer review samples), and that just isn't going to happen.
Sovereign108 28th March 2012, 11:25 Quote
I got this mouse and had to return it as pushing the thumb buttons resulted in moving the mouse and disturbing my aim. Plus some buttons are even tougher to stretch to and press. Also, the mouse is a little small for me SOWHATTODO! Back to the Roccat Kone+.

The Corsair K90 keyboard rocks though, my first mechanical keyboard :)
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