Kingston HyperX 240GB Review

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Floyd 8th December 2011, 18:18 Quote
I have the 120gig model and I love it!
I also got mine with the bundle deal and have made good use out of that screwdriver!
Blanx3_Bytex 8th December 2011, 19:12 Quote
that is a SEXY SSD!
slothy89 9th December 2011, 02:41 Quote
Interesting you mention the 32nm Toshiba NAND drive from Patriot, yet your tests don't include such a drive. Didn't you test one of these, or the OCZ max IOPS at some point?

Otherwise a good review, all these sandforce drives make crucial really stand out as a less confusing alternative. Comparable performance at a lower price, and less reports of firmware issues.

That said, my max IOPS has settled down and has been stable for a good 5-6 months, after 2 months of bluescreens. So I'm content
Krikkit 9th December 2011, 14:38 Quote
That's an SSD for the typical Thermaltake case buyer I would say...
yassarikhan786 9th December 2011, 14:39 Quote
A beautiful SSD and a very good performer.
Floyd 9th December 2011, 15:40 Quote
Originally Posted by Krikkit
That's an SSD for the typical Thermaltake case buyer I would say...

Why do you say that? It performs great and looks good to boot. I dont like the cheap looking simple plastic cases with a sticker on it that every other SSD has.
littlepuppi 9th December 2011, 16:44 Quote
get it for 309 if you order here and use the code

I would say good price at that level, spend up to 400 and you can take 25 off!
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