Bit-tech, Bit-gamer & Custom PC Award Winners Announced

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Bindibadgi 9th November 2011, 08:38 Quote
Woohoo! Thanks everyone that voted for us! \o/ <3<3
GuilleAcoustic 9th November 2011, 08:50 Quote
That's well deserved ;) ! I've never been disapointed with Asus products.
Parge 9th November 2011, 08:55 Quote
The Gene Z is very well priced for such a great piece of kit!
xaser04 9th November 2011, 08:56 Quote
I think my Asus HD6970 deserves a gold star now :)
javaman 9th November 2011, 09:01 Quote
<3 asus bindi. They're the valve of hardware. Thanks for bringing us the likes of the transformer and at a decent price. For pushing inovations like the ultrabook, even tho it was rushed it has a lot of promise and shows the tech industry can innovate of bean counters are removed from the equation!

TBH I'm disappointed ebuyer didn't win. Scan is very good but I'm almost a die hard ebuyer fanboi. So many good things to say about them. Either way well done all winners, greatly deserved. Ironically my only hardware failures this year came from MSI products lol. Back to using asus exclusively (except GPU's where there's competition)
Ross1 9th November 2011, 09:08 Quote
best rma and service??? really?
GuilleAcoustic 9th November 2011, 09:22 Quote
My best RMA experience was IIyama (dead pixels on a Vision Master PRO A702HT, I phoned them and someone from IIyama came at my home with a brand new monitor the day after my call) and Western Digital (dead MBR on a HDD ... got a new one in less than a week).

Worst experience was Pioneer. A dead PC DVD player (10x/40x slot-in), called them every 10 days during six month ... never got any replacement drive. Took them 7 month to refund me.
Kovoet 9th November 2011, 09:23 Quote
Originally Posted by Bindibadgi
Woohoo! Thanks everyone that voted for us! \o/ <3<3

As if anyone else was going to win those categories.

Surprised with the RMA award though. I voted other as for logitech but after all the complaints I have seen on here for rma with scan was surprised.

Memory wise I thought it would either be corsair or gskill.

But huee well done to asus skooping so many

Sent from my GT-I9000
snooky32 9th November 2011, 09:48 Quote
Originally Posted by Kovoet
Surprised with the RMA award though. I voted other as for logitech but after all the complaints I have seen on here for rma with scan was surprised.

People only post with bad experiences, personally I have only ever had to use RMA once - it was with Scan - and I got a replacement 2500k and P8P67 within 10 days no hassle at all. So Scan get my vote ;)
Ending Credits 9th November 2011, 09:53 Quote
I don't disagree with most of the results but to me it reads like something from 2 years ago.

Also Thermaltake for best modding manufacturer? I know they're not bad but I would never put them as the best.

Anyway congrats to ASUS, Corsair, Scan and all the other winners!
p0Pe 9th November 2011, 10:29 Quote
Thermaltake as modding? Guys... I am disapointed!

And CaseLabs should have gotten best case manufacturer :D
NickCPC 9th November 2011, 10:35 Quote
Congrats to the winners. I'd also really like to see the raw data, would be interesting to see exactly how everyone voted.
adidan 9th November 2011, 11:03 Quote
Well done all although the most important question, who of us who voted won prizes?

I've never seen in any year if anyone actually won prizes for voting.
j4mi3 9th November 2011, 11:09 Quote
Originally Posted by adidan
Well done all although the most important question, who of us who voted won prizes?

I've never seen in any year if anyone actually won prizes for voting.

yes i want to know this as well. why isnt it announced?
Denis_iii 9th November 2011, 11:31 Quote
Interesting, Cooler Master hasn't even been on my radar this year for cases probably cause i fell in love with Fractal's offerings. Which cases did it release that earned it the reward?
skunkmunkey 9th November 2011, 11:46 Quote
I have an RMA in progress with scan at the moment, will let you know how it goes.... Must say I have never had an issue with ebuyer, both ordering and rma. Corsair or silverstone should have got the case award imo
yassarikhan786 9th November 2011, 11:50 Quote
All companies were very worthy of the awards given to them. I'm surprised Gigabyte wasn't in there.
Wingtale 9th November 2011, 18:15 Quote
Originally Posted by Ross1
best rma and service??? really?
I think the same here. I don't see how everyone says they are that good. I once had all the parts for the pc I was going to build. And it was a month late! I called up a week when it was late, and they just said it would be there next day. I have had many other issues with them. But don't get angry with me, I'm probably just unlucky
kzinti1 9th November 2011, 19:48 Quote
What in the world does Thermaltake have to do with modding? Their cases, which have to be modded to operate correctly? Their ever dying power supplies? Their practically worthless cpu coolers? Which? What in the name of God are you talking about?
MNPC Tech makes some of the best modding supplies and pre-mods. EKWaterblocks make the best blocks for modding your motherboard components. There are almost an unlimited number of case manufacturers that make better cases than Tt for modding. Corsair, Antec, even Gigabyte. But for the actual art of Modding, Dremel is by far the most universally used product there ever has been, next to the human brain and its infinite imagination. Thermaltake? The company that has been mentioned more than any other as the most worthless computer component manufacturer on this planet? The one people only know of by the phrase, "Friends don't let friends use Thermaltake"?
I actually woke up feeling rather good for once. Now you've gone and caused me to rant and rave about the stupidest thing I've come across this entire month. On top of that you've given me a severe migraine. Thanks a lot bit-tech!
Waynio 9th November 2011, 20:48 Quote
^ Agreed

All e-tailers are mostly excellent but the upper level of excellence shines or flops when you get iffy hardware, DOA goods are nice & easy to get sorted from anywhere I know of but difficult to diagnose problems which don't display the problem so easily are where I & am sure many others get stung on now & again & when we do it really sucks especially if you could just about afford the parts & had to save up.

Places of good note who really help the customer I know of with such difficult diagnosis of iffy hardware are ebuyer, dabs & aria, places that have let me down on this type are OCUK & scan, I like both though but still they have let me down when it comes to iffy goods.

All great stores when you get healthy parts but doubtful when you catch bad gear that isn't DOA but definitely iffy, a system tester could run simple quick diagnosis & miss the problem leaving you out of pocket & stuck with faulty hardware requiring you to buy another motherboard if you don't feel ready to quit computers so that budget mobo you just bought cost the price of a premium motherboard making it a very annoying experience.

I'd say motherboards are the most difficult & problematic to diagnose thoroughly & would be nice if shops would take your word for it when it comes to motherboards at least, ssd's since sata 3 have been iffy too although I got mine working ok since using it in IDE mode which reduced the speed by 100MB/s so why corsair say to use them in ACHI mode I do not know, I'll take reliability over speed any day, I was plagued with bsod's when in ACHI mode after the first week of use.

I sure wouldn't be asking for an RMA if I haven't exhausted every single testing method imaginable & it still not working, only then would I ask for a change of motherboard so when a shop doesn't play ball it really sucks & dents your faith in them.

Didn't know thermaltake manufacture modding parts, thought they just make cases & some peripherals :? MNPCtech of flipping course is the unnamed winner in this one I mean they even sponsor MOTM & MOTY here with their parts.

Not had much experience on this one but I have always somehow been unlucky with asus motherboards 4 times :( & know people who had similar bad luck with other brands, so for me it's whichever works correctly I'll be happy with :D just bought an asus 120hz 23" monitor & it has zero defects & is pretty darn good for gaming on without v-sync & upgraded the cooling on my gpu for the extra strain on the gpu :D I just get unlucky with mobos I only upgrade my full system when it starts to feel old or something comes out which is superior to my old parts so not had enough experience with them to pin point which is my favourite :) the best people who would know this are regular system builders, they could give out some nice & real stats I expect.

Coolermaster makes sense for case manufacturer with them throwing a decent modding competition which will help them on votes I'm sure :) I picked other = case modders or scratch builders rather :D.

But what readers mostly want to know is who won a prize for participating in voting :).

What I personally mostly want is better rma service from shops that strangely have good rep when us consumers get an iffy part, anyone can diagnose a DOA part but not just anyone can diagnose an iffy part, if a part isn't working for a customer they should at least allow for them to pick a different mobo or whatever they have a problem with without a mountain of BS & being stuck with something that doesn't work for them :) we only want a working rig, not trying to scam anyone & a bad experience with a shop makes some of us very hesitant with ordering from them again.

Sorry for this not being a simple 1 liner :):p.
skunkmunkey 10th November 2011, 13:15 Quote
Quick update on my in progress RMA, Scan received the parcel (which they collected) and tested it straight away. They found no fault but accepted it doesn't work with my xbox and have approved the refund.

I couldnt have asked for better service and will certainly use Scan again. Based on my experience they deserve their awards!
adidan 11th November 2011, 10:27 Quote
I've had RMA's with Scan, ebuyer and OcUK.

Scan and ebuyer were outstanding. OcUK, well, let's put it this way it was my first and last order with them.
j4mi3 11th November 2011, 19:07 Quote
why have the winners from the survey entrants not been announced??
fathazza 13th November 2011, 21:34 Quote
I had an rma with scan a couple of months ago and they were awful...
Noob? 14th November 2011, 12:26 Quote
Congrats to the winners!
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