Roccat Kova+ Review

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Farfalho 3rd October 2011, 11:37 Quote
So the Kova+ has the warning sound and its size as cons? In case of a leftie, would you really recommend it or just point to him as an option?
Tyinsar 4th October 2011, 15:23 Quote
As a lefty I appreciate ambidextrous mice. As for the size I tend to be a more of a fingertip user (rather than palming the mouse) so the size might not be an issue. I'll have to keep my eye out for this.

Thanks for the review. ;)
fingerbob69 27th October 2011, 15:07 Quote
Because I won't buy something like a mouse with out trying it for size first, I found myself in Currys last night. Their gaming selection wasn't quite as comprehensive instore as online

but they did have, in the under £40 bracket -my budget- the CM Storm, the Razor Abyssus and this Roccat.

The Cm was too long for my smallish hands.
The Razor was too low profile.

This Roccat felt great and has in the very short time I've had it, been excellent.
Fishlock 27th October 2011, 16:43 Quote
I've owned this mouse for some time. I have neither big or small hands and the mouse is very comfortable. The software that it comes with is brilliant. The only downside I would say is that the buttons on your little finger aren't easy enough to press for the strength in that finger, if that makes sense...
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