KFA² MDT X5 GTX 560 Ti 1GB Review

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Picarro 2nd September 2011, 08:13 Quote
So. This is basically useless?
Zinfandel 2nd September 2011, 08:35 Quote
I wouldn't say useless. Yeah it's not going to provide awesome gaming at that resolution but it's a step in a nice interesting direction and they shouldn't be hammered for trying different things, I'm sure there are uses for the card outside of gaming.

Can we have a review on their wireless cards? They look very interesting indeed and it's nice to see technical innovation like that.

EDIT: This is their wireless GPU.

Very very interesting stuff.

Also, how does it only score 24 on features? What else could they stick on it?!
xaser04 2nd September 2011, 08:37 Quote
Why would anyone wanting a multi monitor setup choose this over a HD68xx - HD69xx???

I think KFA need a lesson in - "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should".

EDIT: Just seen the price as well...... £236.... WTF?!
Picarro 2nd September 2011, 09:10 Quote
If you need 3 or more monitors for office work a 6550 will suit you fine.

If you need 3 or more monitors for real gaming you would be stupid not to go for the 6950/6970.

This is inbetween. Too powerful for office work but not enough grunt for gaming.

Along with the locks on resolution (why no fullHD?!) it's a pointless card.
rollo 2nd September 2011, 10:04 Quote
dout the 6950 has enough grunt for full 3 screen gaming at any decent settings in all honesty

and id still say the minimum for 3 screen gaming is the 590 or 6990 cards or a pair of cards in sli crossfire
xaser04 2nd September 2011, 10:33 Quote
Originally Posted by rollo
dout the 6950 has enough grunt for full 3 screen gaming at any decent settings in all honesty

Depends entirely on the game and the settings used ( plus what the user deems playable).
Metro 2033, maxed at at 5760x1080... Not a chance, Dirt 3 with high settings at 5760x1080... plays fine.

Other games like Left 4 dead, BFBC2, Just Cause 2 and even Crysis (1, Warhead and 2) are playable on a single HD69xx at Eyefinity resolutions. Yes detail settings have to be turned down in a few of the titles but in general they are more than playable.

I am planning this very setup shortly on my HD6970 (HD6950 flashed and clocked). I don't expect maximum settings at 5760x1080 but I do expect to be able to use medium/high settings and even some AA depending on the game.
Baz 2nd September 2011, 11:40 Quote
Originally Posted by Picarro
So. This is basically useless?

That's a bit unfair. As we said in the comments, it's more of a work place product, with the added benefit of a GTX 560 Ti 1GB for some gaming. As we said in the review, the AMD solution is much more elegant and easier to use though.
fingerbob69 2nd September 2011, 11:57 Quote
[This 560] "offers something unique among Nvidia graphics cards – support for up to five simultaneous displays."

But support for multi-monitors is not in itself unique and nor, increasingly, are reviews of nVidia graphics cards on Bit-tech!

The most recent card with clear ownership of title 'unique' is the 6870 x2 from Powercolor or Club3D. What chance Bit-tech reviewing something of genuine interest???
fingerbob69 2nd September 2011, 12:02 Quote
To throw in a stat...

Since April 14th, Bit-tech have reviewed 8 Graphics cards

1 x 5850
1 x 580

and ...wait for it...

7 (seven) x 560!!!

What gives (apart from nVidia AIBs, obviously)
Krikkit 2nd September 2011, 12:08 Quote
8 reviews, two ATi and 7 nVidia. Nice. :p

To be fair to the bit-tech guys, if you can't get the samples for review, and if there isn't much happening with ATi cards, there isn't much these gents can do for you.

On the other hand you've got the 560Ti which has a large number of partners cranking out new versions who want their own cut of the market, hence plenty of review samples available.
edzieba 2nd September 2011, 13:23 Quote
Seems like it would be both cheaper, and result in better performance, to buy two 460s. Almost as many outputs, better choice of multi-monitor resolutions, and overall better performance (with the exception of a few games with rubbish SLI scaling).
V3ctor 2nd September 2011, 13:35 Quote
I still think I'm blessed by buying an HD5870, it still runs everything, and it's quite balanced in power/heat consumption... I just don't feel compelled to buy anything new... Oh wait, my warranty ends 01/10... Better start searching again :/
fingerbob69 2nd September 2011, 14:24 Quote
@Krikkit my world 8 into 9 does go! :P

Ok it was 6 (six) 560 reviews. But 4 of those are/where KFA cards! Dipite my friday afternoon maths, we still deserve an answer or two.
Glix 2nd September 2011, 14:29 Quote
Something not right about the GTX 260 / HD 4870 results, plus they weren't tested in ARMA2.
mucgoo 2nd September 2011, 19:04 Quote
Bittech in future for multiple after-market versions of the same cards maybe a single review with benchmark scores just on heat and power? as that's the only real differences. Factory over clocks extra couple of fps aren't really worth a chart while cooling determines generally how high you can expect to overclock yourself.
Then mention of special features e.g. 5 monitor support
Then a conclusion naming the best of the bunch
Dwarfer 5th September 2011, 12:26 Quote
From the review this card beats the 6950 2GB but comes out with only 76% opposed to the praises of what the 6950 gets. What gives?

I think for the money, (less than £170) this is a great card, great performer and excellent price!
ssj12 8th September 2011, 18:51 Quote
man, the card's name is bs, it would have been more awesome of X5 meant 5 560 GPUs in it.
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