Mionix Zibal 60 Review

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Deathrow 29th August 2011, 02:28 Quote
I'll stick with my highly disposable £10~ keyboard I think!

I really don't see why someone would pay so much money for a keyboard.
Shadowed_fury 29th August 2011, 02:55 Quote
sexy! if i didnt have a 7g id probably go for that
ikinone 29th August 2011, 03:00 Quote
I don't have any particular love for this keyboard, but I am not sure if I agree with the way scores are given here.

Features: If a lack of widgets makes this keyboard feel lean and efficient, rather than lacking, why is the features score so far from peak? Can a features score not be high if bells and whistles are not included?

You mention the clacking noise from cherry switches. However, that is especially from cherry blue switches. Cherry brown or especially black switches do not have this any more than membrane keyboards do. You obviously know about the various switch types... so perhaps complaints of nosy keys around the office are from people who do not know of the various keytypes.

Why do you need backlighting in daylight anyway? The entire point of this is to read keys in the dark.

Value: This seems like a bit of a harsh conclusion to me. This is a pretty standard price for mechanical keyboards, and it seems rather unfair to mark them all down because of a high price generic to such products ( ... as you can see, many mehanical keyboards can easily cost twice this price). Much of the advantage of a mechanical keyboard over a rubber dome keyboard is not easy to notice over a short time, so I guess it is rather hard to take the (possible) benefits in to account. Some people would consider mechanical keyboards great value considering the benefits, I understand this is an opinion, but it would be nice to see the main feature of such keyboards considered a bit more in depth when they are reviewed.
ikinone 29th August 2011, 03:03 Quote
Originally Posted by Deathrow
I'll stick with my highly disposable £10~ keyboard I think!

I really don't see why someone would pay so much money for a keyboard.

See explanation here:

mostly the benefits are for people who type a lot though.
Toploaded 29th August 2011, 05:20 Quote
As a touch typist gamer that owns one, I think Cherry keyboards are over rated and not worth the money.
KayinBlack 29th August 2011, 07:48 Quote
I kill more than one keyboard a year-all membrane types. I'm making the move to mechanical for that reason. A keyboard like this should outlast your next 5 machines.

I do believe it's evident that the people writing this one don't care for mechanicals, though.
PabloFunky 29th August 2011, 07:55 Quote
Ive always liked the idea of quality keyboards.

Gaming ones do tend to be rather tacky looking ,plasticky and lit up like christmas trees.

Im trying to find something inbetween and this may be it.
thehippoz 29th August 2011, 07:55 Quote
just get a microsoft keyboard.. they are spill resistant- I dunno why other manufacturers don't jump on that

have the membrane part under plastic and there's holes at the bottom for the water to drain out.. you could dump a whole glass of water in them
Picarro 29th August 2011, 08:16 Quote
I have a Das Keyboard Ultimate but my next keyboard will be a backlit mechanical one.
sirsiddius 29th August 2011, 09:21 Quote
I have an oem cherry black keyboard bought for 65 gbp from the keyboardcompany, it's not backlit . I guess it depends if you think a backlight and palm rest is worth the 40 gbp premium. I don't.
Pookeyhead 29th August 2011, 09:57 Quote
Mechanical + lit = win! Why green though?.. and why not bi or tri colour LEDs. All they've done is limit the potential buyers to those that don't care about aesthetics and those with predominantly green lit peripherals.

After having a lit keyboard for a while I couldn't possibly go back now. I usually work in a dim environment, and the subtle lighting of the G110 is brilliant. When I first started reading this I thought I'd found my ideal keyboard, but green? Green LEDs actually make me feel sick. I bet they're not the true green LEDs either, but the more usual yellow/green ones.
memeroot 29th August 2011, 10:10 Quote
If you are not using a mechanical keyboard any you don't just use your computer for gaming or one handed internet then you have your priorities wrong!

but there are other options in the market and the choice between clicky/ smooth is important.

personally I have a g7 also (lovely) and an XArmor - but use a ms ergo for work (come on ms please do a mechanical one)
memeroot 29th August 2011, 10:12 Quote

backlit das ultimate thats what you need ;-)
Picarro 29th August 2011, 10:14 Quote
Originally Posted by memeroot

backlit das ultimate thats what you need ;-)

I am thinking of adding LED's to it.
XXAOSICXX 29th August 2011, 11:06 Quote
I've been using a Raptor K1 for 4 years now and it's still just as good today as the day I bought it. Absolutely no-frills whatsoever, just solid construction, cherry keys and the most basic of basic designs - and it's tough as anything. It doesn't sport LEDs or any fancy stuff at all.

Cost me about £70 at the £70 I ever spent and still can't find any reason to "upgrade".
Guinevere 29th August 2011, 11:13 Quote
You're complaining because the backlight isn't very noticeable in daylight? Really? I mean really????

It's like they designed it to be useful in the dark or something... you know those times when you don't have daylight around to help you remember which order the function keys are arranged in.
Waynio 29th August 2011, 18:27 Quote
Originally Posted by Shadowed_fury
sexy! if i didnt have a 7g id probably go for that

Me too :D a strong keyboard with lit up keys is very nice. But them going usb for the connection so limiting how many keys can be pressed at once is a little odd imo the 7G is crazy (I don't think I'll ever need to press the whole keyboard but it's still a crazy nice feature :p), can see it being in use for a very very long time ;) with other types of keyboards I'd out use them within a year so a yearly expense so these tough keyboards work out cheaper in the long run ;) unless you go as cheap as can be & buy 12 keyboards instead of a good long lasting one, the rage proof feature made me lol :D.
John_T 29th August 2011, 19:20 Quote
Originally Posted by ikinone

mostly the benefits are for people who type a lot though.

Thanks for posting that, (and the company link) that was a good read. I like the idea of a mechanical keyboard, I'm just not keen on the noise associated and I want my next keyboard to be quieter than my current one.

I really do need to update my current board, not that it doesn't work anymore, but it's about ten years old and it's starting to look really dated and a bit grubby, (it's clean, just grubby looking through age). I do a lot of typing and I'm really amazed at how well it's lasted - a Microsoft one, about £30/40 at the time I think. One of the function keys has frozen solid, but all the 'proper' keys are as good as the very first day I bought it. Very, very well made (especially as I'm so heavy handed!).

Agree with Pookeyhead too, not keen on the green, that alone is a deal-breaker for me...
John_T 29th August 2011, 19:24 Quote
By the way, I understood your (ikinone) point re: Cherry Black switches being quieter than other Cherry switches, I'm just basing what I said on the review here - of a group of surrounding people not liking the noise...
John_T 29th August 2011, 19:32 Quote
Also, (apologies for spamming the topic with 3 comments in a row) but don't modern keyboards have a € symbol on them? Even for a personal keyboard I'd still find that useful, I can't be the only one...
Paradigm Shifter 29th August 2011, 20:23 Quote
Originally Posted by John_T
Also, (apologies for spamming the topic with 3 comments in a row) but don't modern keyboards have a € symbol on them? Even for a personal keyboard I'd still find that useful, I can't be the only one...

€ is AltGr+4 on modern UK keyboards.
amppatel 29th August 2011, 20:36 Quote
Yep I have a mate that has this, it seems to be very good! I think I will get one in a few months when the prices come down.
John_T 29th August 2011, 21:32 Quote
Originally Posted by Paradigm Shifter

€ is AltGr+4 on modern UK keyboards.

Hey, that even works on my old thing with no symbol showing - thanks for that! :)
Almightyrastus 29th August 2011, 22:41 Quote
Now if only they made it in a natural or ergonomic configuration.
blackworx 30th August 2011, 01:32 Quote
If, however, you have to actually worry about things like rent, how much petrol prices have gone up and whether or not you can afford to go out for dinner again this month then it’s clearly a luxury you can do without.

Pfft - I'll be the judge of that! ;):)
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