Happy 30th Birthday, PC

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Lizard 12th August 2011, 11:26 Quote
Originally Posted by Ljs
I am a little surprised by bit-tech staffs first PCs - P133? 486? I would have thought they had gotten in to PCs before those days.

Read my entry again - my PC was the first PC.
B1GBUD 12th August 2011, 11:38 Quote
1st proper PC, Amstrad 5286, 286 @ 16mhz, 40MB HDD, 1MB Ram (640k conventional, 384k Extended) VGA 256 colours @ 320 x 240 or 16 colours @ 640 x 480.... what a beast!
Phil Rhodes 12th August 2011, 11:40 Quote
That's not a "convertible" - that's a sentry gun control unit from Aliens!

Well, OK, it's not, quite. But it very nearly is.
TheDitherer 12th August 2011, 12:17 Quote
In paragraph 1, the inventor of the punched-card system should be Herman Hollerith. Great article, though.
Jamie 12th August 2011, 12:21 Quote
My first 'PC' was a 286 with 2MB of RAM (upgraded from 1MB). I had previously been using a Commadore 16+4 to play games though.
Lizard 12th August 2011, 12:31 Quote
Originally Posted by JJW
Herman Holloway? I think you mean Herman Hollerith.
Originally Posted by TheDitherer
In paragraph 1, the inventor of the punched-card system should be Herman Hollerith. Great article, though.

Oops, fixed now :)
Garfy400 12th August 2011, 12:35 Quote
I have the same birthday as the PC, awesome!
gcwebbyuk 12th August 2011, 13:06 Quote
First 2 computer were an Acorn Electron and an Amiga 500. I was then donated an old IBM XT PC by my cousin. From then it went to a Pentim 4 (early Time Machine) and then laptops up to my current i5 13" Acer laptop and an i2600k beast :)

I remember copying out code from an Acorn magazine and saving it to a tape drive - happy days!
TheLegendJoe 12th August 2011, 13:08 Quote
ahhh windows 98 :) Haha, that was my first PC- Dont remember the specs properly as I was still relatively young! Cost a fair bit though, and played Unreal and Turok very well...

Just to add, I was born just after the internet was supposedly created (19 years ago for me, 20 for it) ;)
Digi 12th August 2011, 13:14 Quote
Excellent little article BT. I built a 486 DX2 with my dad out of spare bits and bobs he had. I was maybe 8-10, so you can guess who really did most of the building. Built everyone of my own from that day since.
Madness_3d 12th August 2011, 13:29 Quote
One of the best articles I've read in recent years. Well done guys. My first PC was a White toshiba laptop running windows 3.1, played lots of educational games when I was about 3 :)

Then had a Black Higrade laptop running windows 95 on a 1.25GB HDD. loved my Roller Coaster Tycoon. Loved that machine, managed to melt the underside of it :(

Then got my first desktop, a K6 600Mhz, 128MB, 4.3GB HDD, Win 98SE, and a Geforce 2 GTS. lovely little machine.

When that died, I built my first machine aged 11. She was an Athlon 3200+ 939, 512MB RAM, Gigabyte board, reused my Geforce, etc etc.

History of PC's is amazing, let's hope the future is just as interesting :)
V3ctor 12th August 2011, 13:42 Quote
I remember having FIFA96 in floppys, and to load them one by one... I remember my frustration when one broke down, cd's were a "myth", too expensive...
Fingers66 12th August 2011, 14:04 Quote
In 1996 I threw away an IBM XT as shown in the photo, monitor and still worked as I started it up before binning it!

It would probably be worth a bit now as a collectors item...
Paul2011 12th August 2011, 14:34 Quote
That was awesome, and its amazing how technology has progressed in the last 30 years (im 30 soon) so i cant wait to see whats in store over the next 30 years, long live the PC.
GuilleAcoustic 12th August 2011, 14:54 Quote
Originally Posted by Fingers66
In 1996 I threw away an IBM XT as shown in the photo, monitor and still worked as I started it up before binning it!

It would probably be worth a bit now as a collectors item...

I miss mine, especially the keyboard. Damn rock solid and comfortable one, with mecanical keys. Was looking for one on ebay and the keyboard alone retail at 50€ !!
Lance 12th August 2011, 16:24 Quote
My first computer memory was dragging the whole of the desktop into the trash bin on a mac at school in year 4.

And playing duke nuke at my neighbours as a child.

Beat that!
gcwebbyuk 12th August 2011, 17:37 Quote
I remember the MFD hard disk on my old XT - you had to tap it ever so slightly with a screwdriver when you pressed the power button, otherwise it would not spin up - i kid you not, and it lasted like that for over a year without any other problems! It obviously wasn't like this from new, but my cousin who had donated it had been doing it for quite some time!
Claave 12th August 2011, 18:04 Quote
Originally Posted by kenco_uk
Like Clive, my first PC was an AMD K6-2/450 from Novatech. Unlike Clive, I only shelled out £99 for a Voodoo 3 gfx card that made Midtown Madness look like the end of a rainbow.

Midtown Madness! I loved the 2/3s of that game that I could actually unlock! Even the annoying announcer that yelled 'hell, now go for the finish!' all the time was great.
runadumb 12th August 2011, 18:06 Quote
Only 4 months older than me.

1st PC (and last bought, built my own ever since) was a Time. 128MB Ram, Massive 10gig harddisk and a cyrix 333...DOH! I only released the day after ordering how pitiful they were for gaming the next day when reading up it in a magazine. Alas it was too late to change the order :(

Voodoo card sorted that out, and thus began my now 12 year(ish) love affair with the PC. Here's to another 30 years!
ryan498 12th August 2011, 18:13 Quote
Wow! great article, its nice to see how far todays modern PC's have come :)
thehippoz 12th August 2011, 18:17 Quote
yeah started on the atari 800xl, later 130xe (128k).. nothing like having 128k of memory and 16 bit addressing.. you had to bank memory- so if you had code or data loaded above 32k, you'd have 4 32k banks you could switch to- but you could only access one at a time xD

a lot of really good programmers came from the atari 8 bit.. we tended to hate commodore because of the slow load times of the floppy.. I've actually seen bucktooth bodyslams over this- a atari guy is like wtf is taking it so long to load.. commodore guy- atari sucks! (because that's all they could say) que spock and kirk fight music
Elton 13th August 2011, 02:59 Quote
First PC? A 486. Horrible computer, couldn't run Windows 95 for the life of it. But boy was it pretty awesome.

Second computer managed to barely run Age Of Empires. Pentium of course.
rogerrabbits 13th August 2011, 18:34 Quote
Farfalho 14th August 2011, 00:50 Quote
My first PC and I can recall it pretty well was some bloke in my house setting up some boxes that looked weird to me. My mom and dad told me that this was a computer and they were getting it for them and for me and my brother. It was a Peacock branded pc with a 286 cpu, can't recall how much memory but I guess the hdd was 300mb or something less. The monitor was black and the only colour available was yellow (already in that time I had true blacks) with its horizontal case and matching keyboard, mouse, joystick and even the printer, ribbon type with the proper paper fed through the side holes that were detachable. I don't know how much it cost but sure had to be a lot (my parent's even got a purpose built solid wood cabinet).

It had the 3.5 and the 5.1/2 disk drivers and remember playing Leisure Suit Laryy, Arkanoid, Operation Wolf, Digger, Xonix, Cat, Monkey Island (was afraid of the faces then), Rick Dangerous, the all mighty Pre-Historik and so on.

I was below 9 and learnt how to work with DOS properly.
Good old times, games were fun and simple! I didn't have proper ESA monitor but mine did the job pretty well. I've still got everything and I think, maybe, just maybe, up and running
Deders 14th August 2011, 00:57 Quote
Originally Posted by Farfalho
but I guess the hdd was 300mb or something less.

Probably more like 30MB
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