Edifier Prime USB Review

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greigaitken 9th July 2011, 15:23 Quote
they look so damn cheap - it's like they took a £5 set, crammed in a usb hub and said "well now they're 10 times better"
nathandanielmorris 9th July 2011, 17:59 Quote
Time well spent reviewing these then. Not.
blackworx 10th July 2011, 20:02 Quote
That's crazy - I have their MP300 2.1 set (now rebranded "Aurora" I believe) and they are simply the best portable 'speakers I have used. Rarely leave home without them, and I've heard a lot of praise for their other products.

Going by this review, Edifier must have either made a bad misstep or stopped caring. I hope it's not the latter.
dannyjh69 11th July 2011, 12:47 Quote
I agree with nathan, no point wasting your time reviewing something thats a piece of crap. might aswel give us reviews that we want to read and buy.
Hakuren 12th July 2011, 14:32 Quote
Seriously, Edifier should stick to top quality products like S730D which I own. There is plenty of cheap rubbish on the market in every department. Don't sully such good brand with trying to please people without any requirements or taste. Leave that market for "no-name" brands.
Lizard 12th July 2011, 15:57 Quote
Originally Posted by nathandanielmorris
Time well spent reviewing these then. Not.
Originally Posted by dannyjh69
I agree with nathan, no point wasting your time reviewing something thats a piece of crap.

It doesn't quite work that way guys as we don't know a product is bad until we have tested it, and at that point you may as well complete the work off by writing a review.

Otherwise you:

a) End up with a publication only full of positive reviews, which 1) looks suspiciously like a paid-for review site, something that bit-tech isn't, and 2) doesn't educate readers why some products are bad

b) Waste loads of time testing products you never write reviews of (in the case of these speakers we wrote a really quick review to waste as little time as possible).
ssj12 13th July 2011, 04:02 Quote
ya, my $15 walmart speakers, that I paired with the walmart 5.1 $80 speakers to make a 7.1 system, should sound way better then these POS looking things.
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