Razer Anansi Review

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RedFlames 18th June 2011, 11:07 Quote
Macro keys are, imo, one of those things, it's great in theory, but in practice not so much.

I bought a G11, 18 macro keys, 3 macros per key, assign them to stuff I use a lot. awesome [was my thinking at the time]. even went through the trouble of assigning macros; voice commands for tf2, various functions in eve, short-cuts for 3DS Max and photoshop etc...

... and in all the time I've had the kb I think I've used the macro keys only two or 3 times

and for 95 quid I'd want it to play the game for me
rv88uk 18th June 2011, 11:40 Quote
I've got the original G15 and I've found the best use for macros is on-the-fly stuff, rather than preprogrammed actions. Always found it too hard to keep track of which buttons were programmed to do what without some sort of labelling system. I've got no need for the 54 macro options available though, at most I've used 4 at a time.
Glix 18th June 2011, 15:00 Quote
Despite using two USB ports, the Anansi also lacks a built-in headphone, microphone or USB hub pass-through.

What is this abomination of keyboard?
Taking 2 usb ports with no usb hub of it's own?
Sure I have 8 usb ports, but I also have plenty of usb peripherals (mouse, joystick, headphones, printer, mp3 player, flash drive).
Pookeyhead 18th June 2011, 18:05 Quote
Macro keys right underneath the spacebar? WTF? I'd be constantly hitting those as I rest my thumb knuckles in that area while I type or about to type... I know lots of people that do too.

Picarro 18th June 2011, 19:20 Quote
This keyboard would only be usable for people who write on their keyboard with a "claw" grip. Which means it's effing unusable.
EvilMerc 18th June 2011, 19:37 Quote
Saitek Eclipse II. Best keyboard ever. No frills, just decent keys, good layout and backlighting.

For £90, I'd like a whole lot more from my keyboard, a coffee maker would be good.
rogerrabbits 18th June 2011, 21:02 Quote
Yeah that's right where my thumb rests... Don't like that. It's also far far too much. Most I would pay on a posh keyboard is 30 quid, maybe 40 if it was something amazing with a fan that cooled/heated my hand or something. But £90 just totally over the top for me, and I'm a big mmorpg player.
GiantKiwi 19th June 2011, 16:24 Quote
Hmm I think I'd rather spend the £20 more it would take to get a G19, the macro keys on the rest would just be infinitely annoying...
sstteevveenn 19th June 2011, 19:02 Quote
hmm unless I missed it, this is a review of a £90 keyboard that fails to mention what keyswitches it uses. I assume it's rubber dome... I guess some people will still buy it.
Greenie 20th June 2011, 09:22 Quote
Originally Posted by sstteevveenn
hmm unless I missed it, this is a review of a £90 keyboard that fails to mention what keyswitches it uses. I assume it's rubber dome... I guess some people will still buy it.

I had the same thought. Razer seems to be getting on the mechanical bandwagon for their high end keyboards (I think they use Cherry blacks for their blackwidow ultimate keyboard), so it would be interesting to know what they use for this one.
chelseascum 20th June 2011, 15:29 Quote
£95 for a keyboard? Especially one that costs $80 (about £50) in the states? Are you kidding me?
PelleK 21st June 2011, 10:49 Quote
looks pretty good but i wont ever swap out my 7G from Steelseries
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