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Elton 2nd January 2010, 18:51 Quote
Originally Posted by Burnout21
rumour has it, DFI hired the engineers that made the 8RDA3+ so successful and they designed the amazing NF3 and NF4 boards for DFI so we can thank them for that.

Of course these epic engineers leaving epox caused epox to loose its edge.

They did lose their edge, the last update on their website is 2007. :(

But we still have DFI, but we gotta figure where those engineers went, our market needs something amazing again...

Methinks MSI got a hold of them.
alexdcd 11th January 2010, 20:07 Quote
I must be wise then!

I have a Q6600 @3.00GHz (TapeMod which has been running stable for at least 6 months)
In a Dell XPS 420 With Stock Heatsink

And a 8800GTX Overclocked with EVGA Precision.

I got a 3DMark Score of 13766 If this means anything at all?

@ bowman: yes i do still buy dead tree sandwiches, it makes my girlfriend think i am intelligent and not an anti-social screen hog 24/7


Works Wonders and i still have no reason to upgrade unless
dire_wolf 13th January 2010, 09:34 Quote
Hall of fame:

Radeon 9500 with the L shaped ram - could be modded through software to unlock part of the crippled card and overclocked, effectively a radeon 9700 on the cheap.

Hut of fail:

Palamino core Athlon XP Processors - hot & slow - nuff said
xaser04 14th January 2010, 13:17 Quote
I would like to add one card which has been missed:

The original Red PCB X800GTO2. I had one for a while, unlocked to 16 pipes and clocked way faster than a X850XTPE. I actually held the 3DMark05 record on Guru3d for a while with the card (in its class) until someone came along with a volt modded version.

Also along with the X850XTPE, what about the 6800 Ultra Extreme. A card clocked an amazing 25 mhz faster than the normal Ultra.

Of course why the FX5800 "Dust Buster" was not included on this list is a mystery to me.
SinxarKnights 17th January 2010, 10:44 Quote
While not a GTX, i went the much cheaper - not much less performance route of the 8800GT 512 with an overclock. Got it for ~$200.

Best purchase for a PC I have ever made.
DbD 1st March 2010, 10:32 Quote
8800GT was the best upper mid range card ever - i.e. the best card ever that your average gamer could just about afford. Deserves a mention, even if it is another 8800 card.

P4 Northwood 2.4C was another great overclockers cpu: the best pentium ever released.
AeriAMD 14th February 2011, 02:00 Quote
I would like to nominate the bios because when UEFI replaces it it will become legacy. The fact that it was only originally meant to run on only 250000 computers and it ran on millions for 25 years makes it the best bit of computer technology ever known to motherboards of all the ages B) I hope it gets nominated I mean come on all you power users dont you remember the days when you first started toying with the bios? ITS been our true FRIEND FOREVER. This UEFI stuff better be good because if i have to give up a essential part of my computer that i have used and tinkered with since my first days then it better be damn good. LONG LIVE THE BIOS ;) and AFTER DEATH , YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN :'(
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