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capnPedro 29th December 2009, 12:18 Quote
My 8800GTX is chugging along just fine - Modern Warfare runs maxed out at 1680x1050. It definitely deserves its place in the hall of fame!
Sim0n 29th December 2009, 12:32 Quote
Oh well, well... its another "article" ripped out of Custom PC magazine...

I know its Christmas and all, and there isnt much new stuff to review, but recycling the same article people are paying money for in the magazine is getting a little tired now.

Worst still, its covered in MUCH more detail in the magazine, so you've actually reduced the word count on-line.
[USRF]Obiwan 29th December 2009, 12:41 Quote
There are people who do not read mags Sim0n...

Like me
Cobalt 29th December 2009, 12:42 Quote
I remember calling the X850XT PE the "Phantom Edition" back in the day. And personally I'd give the award for "Proving that high-end graphics cards can have a decent life span" to the 9800Pro. That thing lasted me ages only finally getting replaced by an X1800XT. That said I was also running at 1024*968 for most of that time.
samkiller42 29th December 2009, 12:50 Quote
My 8800GTX was an awesome card...till it died, but it died doing what it loved, Playing games at stupidly high resolutions.

Woodspoon 29th December 2009, 13:03 Quote
Hurrah! for the 8800gtx
It's an awesome card, I'm still looking for a reason to upgrade from it and not finding one.
Burnout21 29th December 2009, 13:05 Quote
Can i point out that the X850XT PE, (which i have) biggest failing was no shader model 3 support, so it wasn't totally DX9.C compatible. Which caused many headaches!

I miss my old 6800GT clocked at 475mhz, :'(
bowman 29th December 2009, 13:25 Quote
8800GTX still alive and kicking here. Not looking to upgrade for another two years from the looks of things, either.

My 9800 Pro played HL2 like a champ. Still have it! No AGP ports though. :(
Originally Posted by Sim0n
Oh well, well... its another "article" ripped out of Custom PC magazine...

I know its Christmas and all, and there isnt much new stuff to review, but recycling the same article people are paying money for in the magazine is getting a little tired now.

Worst still, its covered in MUCH more detail in the magazine, so you've actually reduced the word count on-line.

People still buy dead tree sandwiches?
wafflesomd 29th December 2009, 13:49 Quote
I owned an Opty 148, Q6000, and a 9700. Yes, they have all been totally awesome.
D-Cyph3r 29th December 2009, 14:08 Quote
Thank you for mentioning the XCP, still the only PC that really captures the ethos of "Dream PC" imo.
Issh 29th December 2009, 14:09 Quote
MY 8800GTS still chugging along, what about the Athlon XP 2500?
frontline 29th December 2009, 14:25 Quote
9700 pro, best card i ever owned, lasted well into the HL2 era and source mod games.
Sheiken 29th December 2009, 14:43 Quote
What about the great Socket A boards? Abit NF7, Epox 8RDA+ and the like.
And I had a Digi Dice, I thought it was pretty cool.....the great thing about being young and dumb :D
cyrilthefish 29th December 2009, 15:21 Quote
My old 9600 pro kept me going for years, i even modded to bios to permanently overclock it :D
Not quite a 9700 pro, but still decent.

I did giggle at the x850 PE thing, though i must say i was impressed with the x800 card i had, pretty much lasted me until i had to upgrade to a PCIe system

I agree on the intellimouse too, i used mine until the mouse buttons physically wore out
Mustangdelta 29th December 2009, 15:31 Quote
Another 8800GTX owner/fan.

Wierd reading the article with a real dejavu, bought the card to experience the DX10 which never came!!!

Like the other posters here who own the card, have always looked for a reason to upgrade but never found one. Maybe in 2010.

Good choices for the hall of fame and great article, regardless of where it came from.
Evildead666 29th December 2009, 15:32 Quote
Another one for a bit about the 512k Athlon 2500+
Got my Mobile Athlon 2400+ to 2.6Ghz on water back then.....

My 9500and 9800 pro's overclocked like champs, I think it was 405 and 425MHz.

The 8800GTS-640 was swapped for a 320 version when I got the 4870.

Good Article, but you can never get everything everyone wants ;)

I still use an intellimouse optical with cord, light and functional. Does what it says on the tin.
Yemerich 29th December 2009, 15:43 Quote
Theres not even ONE mod in this haal of fame?
Shame on you bit-tech!

Nice article otherwise.

Here is one happy owner of a 8800 GTS 512! Gotta love that card

And a Q6600 too :D
rickysio 29th December 2009, 16:03 Quote
Q6600 user here... :D

Hmm, if you want to expand the Hut, just have a counterpart for every Hall entry. IE, the Worst CPU, worse PSU, etc.
arshan 29th December 2009, 16:57 Quote
Furymouse 29th December 2009, 17:01 Quote
I loved my 9800! I also had a dual opteron as my main gaming rig for a bit, and now its my rock solid server.
-Acid- 29th December 2009, 17:08 Quote
i had one of the x800xtpe at launch and it was a fantastic card too at the time and the fact that it was so hard to get hold of made it the king of lan partys
Redsnake77 29th December 2009, 17:20 Quote
8800GTX owner here too (BFG OC2 - Almost as fast as the Ultra and over £100 cheaper). Added a second one in march this year for £100 with an Accellero Xtreme already attached so I an play all the latest games maxed @ 1680 x 1050.
What about the Freezer 7 Pro, or Tuniq Tower 120 for the hall of fame? They both proved you didn't have to be a plumber to get big stable overclocks.
Farfalho 29th December 2009, 17:25 Quote
I had a Club3D 9800 Pro =D The 256MB/256bit interface. It was king of the hill, only got replaced by a 6800XT because "she" died and my clumsy brother almost completely torn off one capacitor which he fixed with ordinary tape to secure it in place.

I think the AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Barthon should be up in there too (guilty for having one) that cpu Oc'ed in a blink of an eye and really well and it's still running now at default as a "second" pc. My first AMD/ATI Combo =') very fond memories of it.

Had an Intellimouse too but it was trackball (yey!), got replaced cause it died. OMG I keep having hardware dying on me! ROFL
Techno-Dann 29th December 2009, 18:00 Quote
Unfortunately, the Lian-Li V-1000 probably deserves a place in the hut of shame for horrifically bad timing - flipping the motherboard upside-down right as nForce 4 started burning its way through heatpipe chipset coolers makes for quite the fail.

(I'd still rather have a V-1000 than a TJ07, though)
SoulRider 29th December 2009, 18:18 Quote
Here's some hardware I'd like to see added:

Athlon 'Thunderbird' Chips. Really, for me this was the first time I had ever been completely blown away by the performance of a piece of hardware. The OC ability was great too.

The XP chips and the first Athlon 64's, all massive points in the history of Hardware. AMD really was a long way ahead of Intel at one time..

The original Scythe coolers were fantastic too.

There are so many pieces of hardware that could be added here, you have some good choices, but there are plenty more to be added already :)
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