Lian Li PC-P50 Review

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Tyrmot 29th May 2009, 10:15 Quote
The penguin slide! Now that was awesome. Will b-t be reviewing it too? ;)
Burnout21 29th May 2009, 10:17 Quote
This is what the 900 should have been
The boy 4rm oz 29th May 2009, 10:18 Quote
Now that is a very nice case, I would not hesitate in buying one. Much nicer than the plastastic Antec 900.
Blademrk 29th May 2009, 10:33 Quote
two typos when refereing to the Antec 900
The only intake fan in the case can be found in front of the 3.5in bays - unlike the Antec Nice Hundred Two which has 120mm fans at the front.
and again in the last paragraph.

Nice review though ;)
Sifter3000 29th May 2009, 10:42 Quote
Originally Posted by Blademrk
Nice review though ;)

Fixed :D
Denis_iii 29th May 2009, 10:55 Quote
"Value and Final Thoughts
The most obvious rival for the PC-P50 to pin down to the count of three, is the Antec Nice Hundred Two. "

Antec Nice Hundred Two :) good name for good case
Sifter3000 29th May 2009, 10:56 Quote
This is what happens when you're editing content and you're going to Computex in under 24 hours and still have about 4,000 words for your own article to write :S
phuzz 29th May 2009, 11:45 Quote
I've been wondering (and the pictures in the article don't really show the right angle), what's the possibilities for mounting a radiator in the case roof, just under the top fans?
Is there enough room between the roof and the top of the motherboard, and is there anywhere a dual 120mm rad could be mounted?
capnPedro 29th May 2009, 12:15 Quote
If I ever want something bigger than my PC-A06B, this will be it!
SlowMotionSuicide 29th May 2009, 12:20 Quote
Yeh, shame this wasn't available a month go, i'd had taken this over antec 902 I bought back then. It's been a great case otherwise but the top is hideous:(
bowman 29th May 2009, 12:40 Quote
'Why Lian Li thought it would be a good idea to make a PC case shaped like a hotel shaped like a sail remains a mystery.'

Once every 6 months they take their best engineers and give them acid then lock them in a room. Some times it results in genius, other times it results in things like this.
Rocket_Knight64 29th May 2009, 13:01 Quote
An interesting experiment you might want to try is to turn one or both of the 140mm fans arround to be intakes (like the Silverstone Fortress). I've done this in a PC-A17 which is closely related and saw a 5'C drop in CPU temp (with a TRUE)! Not too nice on the dust front though.

They only thing I can think of that detract from its good looks are the front panel ports. They are Antec 900 ugly and dust prone. The A17 packs in more ports and covers them with a dust flap. Lian-Li really dropped the ball here (more so or a 'premium' product).

Larger photos and a upwards shot of the interior would be nice.
Htr-Labs 29th May 2009, 13:45 Quote
Ross1 29th May 2009, 14:09 Quote
Shame they didnt include one of their HDD mount kits... 3 hard drives really isnt enough.

I have.... 9 in my PC-A77 at the moment, with a HUGE amount of room to spare. I think that case with the top of the pc-p50 would be pretty interesting. The top panel of the pc-A77 is probably its weakest part.... the buttons arent great, the flap hiding the ports arent great, and there are no fans at the top.
logan'srun 29th May 2009, 14:21 Quote
9 hard drives? Is it a server you want or a standard desktop/gaming case? With 1TB and bigger drives available today, I see no need for large HD cases anymore. Unless it's for business applications/server type stuff than 4TB with 1 SSD/or High Speed Boot Drive is more than enough for the home environment. If not, get a NAS. . .
E.E.L. Ambiense 29th May 2009, 19:13 Quote
Another great read; the review was very thorough as usual. I really like this chassis, but that's not unusual considering my gravitation towards LiLi's work. I'm not sold on the 'toolless' crap though. I'm a modder who likes to use tools, so little latches and crap like that make it annoying, lol. I like a simple set of screws holding a drive in, not some finicky piece of plastic and/or metal, but that's personal preference, of course. I'd gladly choose this over the (probably obvious) competitor Antec's 902, simply because I hate steel. ;)
HourBeforeDawn 29th May 2009, 19:48 Quote
I miss wATX or rather reverse ATX cases, those are always my favorite.
Jojii 29th May 2009, 22:59 Quote
Originally Posted by Htr-Labs
... What I do not agree with is Bit-Techs thermal testing procedure. While thorough and detailed, it is using clearly older hardware that is not even being offered anymore in the enthusiast community. I understand the point of using the "hottest" (literally) and most heat-producing hardware to test, but real-world figures are not linear nor exponential and trying to rank this cases performance using such outdated hardware is pretty ridiculous in my opinion ... Also this would give us readers a chance to see whether or not we can fit 3 GPU's in a case ...

I have to say I disagree with most of what you said about updating the testing procedure. Heat is heat no matter what components are used to generate it. Having passive cooled hardware is a bonus because it reflects the work done by the case and not by the internal component's fans. BUT I do agree with you (kinda) about graphics cards. One of my biggest concerns when buying a case is if these increasing long graphics cads will fit. Maybe I won't buy one now but I'd feel better if in the future I decide to upgrade and knew what limitations are on my graphics card's manliness.

Anyways good review
UnFixed 30th May 2009, 00:40 Quote
FYI, link to Lian-Li website is spelled wrong. Bad link.
SinxarKnights 30th May 2009, 10:21 Quote
Im in love! So far only 2 cases has made me actually want to buy it and this is the second. Great looking, performs well and is Lian-Li!

How about some pics of the motherboard mounting system..... screwless... i can only imagine what they came up with considering how they did the expansion slots.
SinxarKnights 30th May 2009, 10:23 Quote
Oops! nvm I see now. Thumbscrews. I would be worried about the screws around the CPU and RAM being hard to reach since i install the MB with the CPU/Cooler and RAM already installed.
MiNiMaL_FuSS 30th May 2009, 11:07 Quote
Thinking of putting a fan hole in the bottom of my P180 now....i've never thoguht there much room for psu ventilation in there?
Psytek 30th May 2009, 12:19 Quote
On looks alone, this is much better looking than the antec, don't know what antec were thinking when they revised the design from the original.
aron311 30th May 2009, 21:31 Quote
high quality sheets of black anodised fail

Elton 30th May 2009, 21:46 Quote
Do you guys still have that Passive HD4850, that's hot enough, and pretty long to boot.
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