Cooler Master AquaGate Viva

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mattthegamer463 31st January 2007, 15:26 Quote
Looks like a good solution for the budget enthusiast who doesn't want to risk his rig. My only concern is that it doesn't cool your CPU, which would make it the only WC system you need in your rig to cool the major components.
Tyinsar 31st January 2007, 20:52 Quote
Thanks for the review, I've been wondering about these. It looks like I'm sticking with a good "silent" air cooling system for now (unless I suddenly get a much hotter running card).
ikra 31st January 2007, 21:10 Quote
massive to be honest...
Nature 31st January 2007, 22:56 Quote
Biscuts, and "quite frankly" lots of them..
Tulatin 1st February 2007, 03:11 Quote
eh, temps like that were to be expected from trying to put 130w onto a 2x80mm rad.
Captain Slug 1st February 2007, 05:09 Quote
I hate products like these. So utterly pointless when for less money and less complication you can get a better heatsink that will give you lower temperatures.
Cooler Master either needs to abandon their water-cooling line or fire everyone involved.
Mother-Goose 1st February 2007, 08:48 Quote
more kudos for the nautilus it seems
Bindibadgi 1st February 2007, 10:38 Quote
Originally Posted by Tulatin
eh, temps like that were to be expected from trying to put 130w onto a 2x80mm rad.

The rad isn't the issue. A 2x80mm should be fine, it's the cooling block to get the heat to it that's the problem.
Captain Slug 1st February 2007, 16:05 Quote
Yeah, that and the pathetic pump.
Bindibadgi 1st February 2007, 16:10 Quote
Well the cooling block contains the pump. Even in low flow situations like the European wc-ers specialise in you can still get good temps.
sl1xx 4th February 2007, 23:32 Quote
thanks for the review.thats all im going to say lol
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