Iiyama ProLite E2200WS

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Mother-Goose 16th November 2006, 13:19 Quote
I thought Iiyama were supposed to be pretty naff? I think i'd plump for that BenQ or the Samsung.
DougEdey 16th November 2006, 13:28 Quote
Iiyama were originally the best at LCD panels. Not heard from them in a while though.

Its a nice price point, but if it comes down to this or a HDTV PC (due to the inputs) I'd go for the HDTV.
Tim S 16th November 2006, 13:31 Quote
Iiyama made some of the best CRTs out there too. :)
Mother-Goose 16th November 2006, 13:43 Quote
well then to quote george bush, "shows what I know".
atanum141 16th November 2006, 13:56 Quote
Iiyama VisionMaster Pro 454 user here!

Im very interested in one of these.....tho i'd be very sad to let go of me CRT.
JADS 16th November 2006, 13:57 Quote
Originally Posted by Tim S
Iiyama made some of the best CRTs out there too. :)

Although they don't make LCD panels so ultimately the image quality will be limited by the panel they happen to be using.
Reason.Renegade 16th November 2006, 14:28 Quote
I have always used iiyama CRT's and nothing has come anywhere near to them, there TFT's have been lacking some what as of recently but this review model appears to be what could replace my 2x 17" Asus 3ms TFT's as im not playing as much as i used to (doing alot more testing and reviewing aswell as running Reason now) so viewable space is needed so if i can get rid of my 2x 17" Asus Tft's i might even buy 2 of those!!!
Garside 16th November 2006, 14:39 Quote
£500 and 44 inches of viewable space! Sounds pretty good to me.
Tyinsar 16th November 2006, 16:01 Quote
;) Iiyama

I really like the reduced cost + fact that this 22" uses 20" resolutions for two very big reasons:

1) Cost of Gaming: higher resolution is nice but only if you have the money for the top end video cards.

2) Scaling & Older Eyes: 90% of the LCDs in my office run at 1024x768 - if I try to change this to the naive resolution of the monitor I get huge complaints. IF all WeenieDOS programs scaled properly & consistently this wouldn't be a problem but when I set it for larger fonts there's always at least one daily use program that doesn't behave properly and the fonts don't fit into the spaces provided. Additionally, some programs just won't scale: as a simple but accessible example try playing any of the simple games MS includes with windows (especially minesweeper) at max resolution then drop the res. a few notches & try again - it's a whole different feeling.
Veles 16th November 2006, 16:19 Quote
Now if someone would only bring out a budget 24" :p
Tulatin 16th November 2006, 16:30 Quote
or a budget 30+" for that matter...
Reason.Renegade 16th November 2006, 18:59 Quote
Thats right Ryan, put them with my system (AMD FX60, 2Gb OCZ mem, 2x EVGA 7900GTX's) should be sweet for pretty much anything.
specofdust 16th November 2006, 23:31 Quote
This sounds like a great monitor, but for those of us who're still fairly happily living with big CRT's at 1600x1200, the resolution does seem a little on the small side. Given that it's a 22" monitor at least.

It's a shame they dont do the next widescreen resolution up from that on this monitor, or a varient thereof, because a monitor that could do 1900xwhatever over 22" would be spot on as a replacement for my 21" CRT. Good review though.
synobazz 17th November 2006, 11:00 Quote
I really love this Wallpaper!
Can i have a copy of it, please? would be nice.

btw. i think this monitor is going to be my new one :-)

thank you
kenco_uk 17th November 2006, 11:54 Quote
Good review, however my anal retentiveness kicked in and I found a few errors.. Edit: Errors all fixed!

It looks like a nice monitor. Not one I'd personally go for or recommend, mainly due to the 6-bit panel.

If it helps finding it, I'm sure the wallpaper is one of a set of 'Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter' wallpapers.
Mother-Goose 17th November 2006, 12:55 Quote
kenco, bored by any chance? lol
Garside 17th November 2006, 13:07 Quote
Thanks for spotting them Kenco! Eever fancied being a sub-editor? :)

For some cool wallpapers like the one in the picture check this site out:
kenco_uk 17th November 2006, 16:59 Quote
Originally Posted by Garside
Thanks for spotting them Kenco! Eever fancied being a sub-editor? :)

Only if it paid well :)

If you know of a position going, I'd be grateful for any details you could forward :)
badfeet 21st November 2006, 02:23 Quote
I picked this up for only 369$US, which is ~ 200 pounds. It is one of the best
looking monitors I've ever used (and I've used and sold quite a few). Crystal
clear and frigging HUGE. No ghosting or artifacts while playing games rendered
at 1680x1050.

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