Mesh Matrix Titan GTO

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Paradigm Shifter 17th June 2006, 13:09 Quote
As much as I dislike 1280x1024 (5:4, urgh...) as a res and as an aspect ratio, it works pretty well with the graphics card provided in the box. However, hoping (expecting?) to see a widescreen display (even a relatively low res on like 1440x900 on the 19" Viewsonics) seems a little optimistic - even now they're hardly standard. :(

And 1920x1200 on an X1800GTO would be what some might call 'suicide'. ;) At least if you want to play games with details above 'medium/low'. :)

Good look at the comp, though. :)
Kudos 18th June 2006, 05:27 Quote
Now I'm all for good bang for the buck, but who here really buys a white-box?

Half of the fun of a new box is in the build... and you know all the parts involved because you (hopefully) did the research.

Why buy a "one size fits most" when you can tailor it to fit like it should?

just a thought from a not-so hardcore gamer, but a firm believer in making what you have stand out from the crowd.
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