SuperTalent T1000UX2G5 DDR2 memory

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Ramble 17th May 2006, 22:08 Quote
Bit of a stupid name really.
dire_wolf 17th May 2006, 22:54 Quote
Wow, supertalent is normally a name I associate with crappy little flashing gizmos but these sticks aren't half bad, might have to look into a set when they've been out for a while :)
Drexial 18th May 2006, 03:58 Quote
the shortest main story ive seen on here yet :-p

good report though. its always good to see some underdogs taking a swing at the big guys, competition is the best.
Goshawk 18th May 2006, 04:13 Quote
We've actually been selling the super talent stuff here at our little PC shop for a few years now (name of shop is to remain nameless =P )

Said RAM was sold in the DDR-266, 333, & 400 as well as DDR2-400, 533, and 667.

Can't say that i've had any feedback on how good the memory overclocks, though i can say that reliability wise, the super-talent stuff has had less of a DOA/defective turn around rate than the kingston stuff we sell for 25% - 30% more ( cost is way higher, climbing in some areas )

All and all, i've been happy with it, and include it with my quotes that i do occasionally. good stuff IMHO, though i agree that the name needs a little work =P

~ Gos
toyomatt84 18th May 2006, 06:38 Quote
I may be mistaken, but GEIL also has ram of that clockspeed. I'd be interested in seeing a 2gig comparison of DDR2-800+ ram. It'd be great for the people out there, pushing the boundries on BF2's gaming platform, as well as, for preparation for the coming years of increased gaming performance.

Geil's 2gb set (DDR2-1000, PC2-8000)
Kingston's 2gb set (DDR2-900, PC2-7200)
Kingston's 2gb set (DDR2-800, PC2-6400)
Corsair's PRO 2gb set (DDR2-800, PC2-6400)
Crucial's 2gb set (DDR2-800, PC2-6400)
Patriot's 2gb set (DDR2-800, PC2-6400)
Corsair's TWIN 2gb set (DDR2-800, PC2-6400)
Geil's 2gb set (DDR2-800, PC2-6400)
OCZ's 2gb set (DDR2-800, PC2-6400)
meko360 18th May 2006, 07:18 Quote
Got 2x256 DDR400 CAS2 SuperTalent memory kit on a socket A rig. The overclock performance is very good if you consider the cost and also with nice latencies.

This pair is solid rock at 445mhz 2.5-3-3-7.
toyomatt84 19th May 2006, 01:25 Quote
Although, I'm not doubting their quality, I'm curious as to what the DDR400 sticks you have, have anything to do with the DDR2 sticks they're mentioning. Not to even consider the fact that they're 4 times the memory count per stick.
meko360 19th May 2006, 04:58 Quote
The fact is that people was asking about the brand also. I think it's a good thing to give some other references.
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