Scan 3XS Isotope X2 SLI OC

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karx11erx 2nd May 2006, 12:38 Quote
gibs has made something of it, but the reviewed system is ugly and, as the article has pointed out, too expensive. Sorry. :)


if these guys want to have a real market, they should put up an English site quick, and have a native English speaker look over it. ;)
gibs 2nd May 2006, 19:17 Quote
Karx11erx, I haven't done anything on my PYPE (this is the name in France).
Here, you ask what you want exactly and you have what you want. It's not a product from factory like in china, they are made one by one, and this is the reason why there isn't 2 identical tower. >> I'm just a customer <<
You already have a distributor in UK. It is ISOTOP I think, and they have an exclusif model (believe me it's really beautiful the ribbons are awesome and so the colours)...I think I'm doing what they missed !
about the price, Pype Industry cannot control the price of the item, you have the right to buy an item 1€ and to sell it 2€...if they don't sell items because they are too expensive this is their business, not mine.
I'm just here to say that I agree the pictures on the review are not great I'm agree, but if you have the opportunity to see one in real it's different. I would like to say that this tower is a really computer tower wich is well designed for cooling for a such small unit. I run mine with 3 harddrives & 1 DVD burner (the review talk about 1 HD)...
again here in France, the slogan is "Perform Your Personal Experience" and you can ask to sculpt your own logo on the front plexi (you have to send a jpg), you can ask to bore your name on the aluminium's case, you can ask to cover it completly with decals you can choose (what you wants, a movie, a band, a wallpaper), you can ask the colours of the leds of the lcd screen, and the leds of the front can ask for a watercooled edition with water runing on the front pannel (look at the "conte de fee" for example)
and many can go on the website (there is only the gallery for now, but you can find examples)
therefore if think you can ask to isotop and maybe that can have it.

so, if you need a strong unit (not 'made in china') lol, if you want that your friend are amazed by looking to your unit maybe you need one.

I'm sorry that I'm doing the job of isotop and my english isn't perfect for this :-)

PS: you can search about me on the net, I have nothing related wich pype industry, I'm just a musician (I do some covers for here is my profile

at least I'm not ********ing you :)
Da Dego 5th May 2006, 03:48 Quote
Ummm, I don't read french...but being as these guys apparently do custom work, and the same case is now showing up at a major UK online retailer, I'm going to have to propose the theory that the case is not designed by either company discussed here, and that these companies both buy the same case from a third manufacturer.

With that in mind, we'll try to do a little hunting to see where someone can get the more basic case from (if at all), in the off chance they're interested...and in the meantime, can we please not have any riots as to who invented it first? :D
The_Pope 5th May 2006, 08:35 Quote
Actually Brett, for once, I do believe this one IS Made in France. You're correct in that many companies claim to be the "manufacturer" of XYZ widget when in fact they just rebadge it from the one factory in China that makes them. Some simply outsource their manufacturing to China and just control the design / specification aspect.

We were contacted by the French guys who were super keen to prove their design pre-dated WMD so we didn't sue them (which was never going to happen anyway). The bottom line is that I suspect this one IS actually made by them, in France, and good luck to 'em!

Is anyone here interested in a review of the stand-alone case? ie not a fully built-up system?
gibs 6th May 2006, 09:39 Quote
Hi the_pope,

I think you should ask a watercooled version of the case to do a review :) more are some pictures


once again these ones are unique. they are done on demand. it's not a serie...

@Da_Dego : I'm doing my possible so you can understand my english wich is not perfect I know :-) will be in english too.
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