Scan 3XS Isotope X2 SLI OC

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jezmck 28th April 2006, 14:25 Quote
more than just 'inspired by' methinks.
and imho tbh, it's more shop-bought-modding - zero-skill required!
Bindibadgi 28th April 2006, 14:25 Quote
See, people need to patent mod ideas.
simosaurus 28th April 2006, 14:27 Quote
i dont see why anyone would buy it, i think it looks horrible with that grey paint fleck
Kaboom22 28th April 2006, 15:34 Quote
Not somthing i would want to take through customs...
zr_ox 28th April 2006, 15:37 Quote
Nice review.

Tbh I think it's got a lot going for it, the market at which its intended will probably be pretty happy.

Component wise its pretty sweet, and given it's unique apperance I think it's good value for money. What a spiders nest in the back...hate to assemble/disassemble that thing...YUK! is shop bought modding, and whats wrong with that? I think its a good effort to make something a little more unique for those buying pre-built systems....Just because people buy pre-modded/pre-built systems does not make them loosers!

Would you not buy a GT69 pre-build???

First pre-anything I like in a while.

p.s. how come you place stock case reviews in the modding section, and this pre-modded PC in the hardware section?
Hiren 28th April 2006, 15:44 Quote
£1500! you can't be serious. £600 for a DVD drive, motherboard, chassis, and Windows. That's just silly. I'm suprised you guys gave it such a favourable review.
djDEATH 28th April 2006, 15:49 Quote
haha - you guys are so funny -

this is a wicked system, £600 for build and premium for such a bizarre setup seems a bit steep though... but then im not going to want to buy one of these am i?

interestingly, the best part of the review for me was seeing how the memory timings of the alienware system compares to this and the mesh ones, all three are high end systems costing similar amounts (i think the alienware is most expensive, no?) yet there is quite a big difference, why do alienware put in four 512MB modules, for a fairly similar cost to that of 2x1024 ones? (ok marginally more expensve, but performance increase is very noticable)

my two cents.

this is the kind of thing i'd buy for someone if i was rich, but i'd never want anythign that garish in my own house.
Meanmotion 28th April 2006, 15:53 Quote
I'm not sure what market they're aiming for with this. Any 'enthusiast' is not going to spend that much over the odds and certainly no modder would consider it. It's also too much for your average user. It just seems to be, much like alienware, an easy option for somone with money to burn. It's also a blatant and, to be quite frank, cynical ripoff of WMD. Having said all of that, it does look pretty well executed and you can see where your extra money's gone with the good build quality, clever arrangement, preoverclocking, etc. If only i had money to burn...
Raymus 28th April 2006, 16:01 Quote
So where exactly can i orde one from? :D
liquid_gen 28th April 2006, 17:22 Quote
i love the system its got great performance and fo a good price i think. Looks wise, i confuse even myself, i love the design and the fact that its designed to took like an a-bomb but the case also looks like its been made by amatuers and like the ports mite get caught on something and come right off. Other than that i thinks its a GREAT system
Da Dego 28th April 2006, 17:37 Quote
I really think G-gnome needs to sue for the horribly crap-ass job they did to his WMD design. But aside from that, it's a well-specced system. We as enthusiasts are so quick to bash that people actually want to make money for designing these things... their work doesn't come free, that's part of business. If you were assembling things like this, you'd charge, too.

Though I must say it's not a choice that I would make, a modder could still buy this system and be happy with it, even though it is already 'store bought mod' as jazzle mentioned. I actually think there's a lot that SHOULD be done to a new paint job, for starters :)

Wouldn't it be nice to send this thing to one of our top modders and see what they can come up with...?
Sh00ter 28th April 2006, 17:47 Quote
i quite like it, if i was to buy it though id want to change way too much.

what i would really like to see is that case available to buy, id defo get it and see what i can do to it - it looks like it has quite a lot of potential for a nice clean design :D
automagsrock 28th April 2006, 20:23 Quote
Originally Posted by Raymus
So where exactly can i orde one from? :D

I agree. I'll take two :D
Wrigley1 28th April 2006, 20:38 Quote
Or will it end up being overpowered

Surely you meant underpowered? >:D
Firehed 29th April 2006, 00:12 Quote
Looks pretty decent, and certainly more lan-capable than my setup. Windows isn't cheap, either, so that knocks a good bit off of the 600 GBP premium. Style isn't quite for me though I don't hate it, but I'm too much of a noise-hater to consider it.
bahgger 29th April 2006, 14:14 Quote
Brilliiant last line to end a wonderful review :D I think I know what kinda parts I'd like for my new system now, and although I won't be getting a Scan Isotope I can commend them for a very nice looking computer :)
gibs 29th April 2006, 16:13 Quote
Hey people,

please stop spreading ********s !

when you say "(and, we suspect, inspired by our very own WMD)" (what do you smoke ? do you have a price )you should use google or other stuff before writing stupidity like this !

What you call ISOTOP SCAN 3XS is a "PYPE"

Yes ! a PYPE ! PERFORM YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, a computer wich is fully customisable. you can't imagine ! PYPE INDUSTRY the French society has copyrighted the PYPE and spread them since 2003 !!

I have purchased 2 pypes and believe me they are great and only 2,5kg empty. nothing to compare with your 30kg WDM stuff wich cannot be called a computer. I have 3 harddrive and a DVD burner ! and yes the pype is small, only 36cm...

the thing that is great on the pype is the PSU in center front position with his 12cm fan wich can cool quickly the entire case, no need lots of fans...the pype is quiet! depend of what you put inside. the pype is watercooled, the pype is what you are waiting for a case ! each pype is unique !

if you want more information you can email me !

if you want to go to the official site :

and soon my personal website (I'm a happy customer) :

Regards to all

another thing : a pype isn't expensive. lot of people are trying to do lot of money under this concept, if you pay that price you are abused.
The_Pope 29th April 2006, 18:20 Quote
I guess what our new French friend is trying to say is that if you're interested in the chassis from this Scan Isotope system, it appears to be available separately, not just as a fully built system from Scan.

As for the patent argument, I doubt you could patent "PC in a tube" as a concept. Believe me - when you see our WMD Part II article, there is no comparison.
gibs 29th April 2006, 18:43 Quote
Originally Posted by The_Pope
I guess what our new French friend is trying to say is that if you're interested in the chassis from this Scan Isotope system, it appears to be available separately, not just as a fully built system from Scan.

As for the patent argument, I doubt you could patent "PC in a tube" as a concept. Believe me - when you see our WMD Part II article, there is no comparison.

Where is the part 2 ?
From what I have seen on the part 1, I think that I have to call 5 friends of mine , a rent a truck to go to a lan party with the WDM...

The WMD is patented ? is it ditributed ? I guess no !

I think you should use google image and look for the "mtube" wich is the precursor of the pype...

all I can say is that your "WDM" is inspired from the pype and not the oposite !

Etacovda 30th April 2006, 03:12 Quote
gibs, Jeez, dont get to uppity about it.

On a side note, what the hell is the gray material? it almost looks like cnc'd plywood...? id assume not though, surely...
The_Pope 30th April 2006, 09:37 Quote
He's cool - I think there's a bit lost in translation, but since my french is non-existant, I'll take his opinion at face value.

As for the material, the internal structure appears to be made from a sort of PVC plastic. It's very solidly constructed.
Etacovda 30th April 2006, 09:59 Quote
ah right. Theres a few images that look like theres minor ply grain on the ends, thanks for clarifying.
finboz 30th April 2006, 19:19 Quote
me likes
btw welcome to bit :D
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