Alienware Aurora 7500 with FX-60

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Marquee 11th January 2006, 12:23 Quote
Iam 1st sweet. That computer rocks man.

Well to telll you the trueth it looks like of the shevel parts but with a sweet case. But man Alienware is becomeing like Dell. They get the new hardware while still in testing. Lucky guys over there.
rupbert 11th January 2006, 12:27 Quote
Not a fan of the 'designer pc', but this is seriously impressive.
crayfish 11th January 2006, 12:29 Quote
That lottery win can't come soon enough!

I wonder how long it will be before PCs we can all afford will give those framerates at those details.
Marquee 11th January 2006, 12:32 Quote
Man they need to make cards that you can swap out the core ship and the memory on. So that if you buy a 256mb card you can upgrade later to a 512mb. Or even the Core to. Back in the days you can do that with ATi card. Adding more memory. This way we can get that same detail and FPS with less on upgrading.
J Swan 11th January 2006, 12:48 Quote
"Man they need to make cards that you can swap out the core ship and the memory on. So that if you buy a 256mb card you can upgrade later to a 512mb"

good call..
Hamish 11th January 2006, 12:54 Quote
4.5k and they make you run 2t....
Pookeyhead 11th January 2006, 13:47 Quote
Too ugly... not well specced enough to warrant the price either. If you buy that fugly P.O.S instead of building you want your head examining. Kudos for the launch date tho!
Tim S 11th January 2006, 13:50 Quote
Originally Posted by Hamish
4.5k and they make you run 2t....
Yeah, I saw the system down at the TR/Bit office yesterday and was frankly disappointed by Alienware's choice to use 4 DIMMs. My first question was whether they'd put 4GB of memory in there or not (I could understand it if that was the case).
Hybr1d 11th January 2006, 13:59 Quote
You could build the same with a NICE case for under £2400
fev 11th January 2006, 14:14 Quote
*edited to suit the needs of the forum*

I said it last review i'll say it this review... over priced for what it is.
It's impressive in terms of componants it contains.
Tim S 11th January 2006, 14:20 Quote
Originally Posted by Hybr1d
You could build the same with a NICE case for under £2400
But you don't get the technical support from one company. If something goes wrong with your system and you built it yourself, you've got to troubleshoot it before you start calling however many companies for an RMA, hoping that you picked the right one. Alienware, on the other hand, will do the troubleshooting and fixing jobs for you so you don't have to.

Also, I'm interested where you got £2400 from.

FX-60 is > £600
A8N32-SLI Deluxe is ~£140
2GB of memory is over £200
2 GTX 512's are £1000

You're knocking on the door of £2000 before you've even thought about the 1TB of storage in a 2x250GB + 500GB configuration, Windows XP, two optical drives, an X-Fi soundcard, decent power supply and case.

Please keep the 'I could build this for less' type comments out of this thread - they're not appropriate and I'd consider them as trolling.
perplekks45 11th January 2006, 15:21 Quote
Well, but what will come next month or the next when ATI and nVidia release their new chips (R580 and G71/72)? R580 is new architecture, it MIGHT blow away every record nVidia just set with GTX 512's. So what if CrossFire will be THE thing to have?
I don't think ATI will outperform nVidia in the next 6 months though but it might happen. And then you just dropped 5k € on a rig that's 'old'! I would buy the stuff that's packed in there, not the AW rig, but the stuff if I had the money. But I don't.
And people willing to pay are enthusiasts always wanting the newest stuff out there. And in about 1 or 2 let it be 3 goddamnit months these cards won't be TEH pwz0r cards.
So, yea great performance, ridiculous price.
RotoSequence 11th January 2006, 15:52 Quote
As lovely as the Alienware is, it is a perfect demonstration machine of what you can do with more money than sense. As much as you make like this absurdly fast, high specced, and high priced machine, you pay an awful lot for what you get out of it. Two 7800 GT 256 Meg GPUs will give substantial improvements over the single 7800 GT used in the tests at those resolutions, and Crossfire is indeed an option that is less expensive and similar in specification as I understand it.

Those who dont want to do their own tech support are either those who have grown tired of it, or are too lazy to learn. I cant think of too terribly many people who can afford this and would have ever bothered to learn; this is definitely a box built for the techno neophyte who cant stand having anything less than the best.
Shadowed_fury 11th January 2006, 15:57 Quote
Ignoring the 2T'd ram, that is seriously fast. :|
-EVRE- 11th January 2006, 17:12 Quote
that much money and they dont even use koolance liquid cooling!
Arkuden 11th January 2006, 17:51 Quote
scary fast... and impressive. Ive always enjoyed their cable management but the price for everything total is quite high. I would imagine they will still sell plenty of them just for the point of having the fastest machine... In a month when the new video card specs come out do they expect the price of this machine to drop or the new machines will just be that much higher?
Meanmotion 11th January 2006, 17:59 Quote
£4399? Wholly frickin' poop!

Worth every penny though to have it right now.
Ab$olut 11th January 2006, 18:25 Quote
HOLY SH** check out the cs:s results the game must look so sweeet at those settings now if only I could gather the funds :)
b1g-d0g 11th January 2006, 18:46 Quote
Just ordered one from Komplett had to say bye bye to my FX57 and 7800GTX.
Just saw a review on one site they got it upto 3.2ghz on the standered cooler.
eek 11th January 2006, 18:46 Quote
I'll take 2.
Sim0n 11th January 2006, 18:50 Quote
That much money, and they are still using a cheiftech chassis thats pushing 5 years old.
Why no alu case, specially considering the weight ?
Marquee 11th January 2006, 18:57 Quote
Why two. There is no point in two. Wait unless you building two systems.
Lazlow 11th January 2006, 20:56 Quote
Originally Posted by uldis
HOLY SH** check out the cs:s results

I thought the same, they're insane.

Alienware seem to wow with every incarnation of their flagship rig.
Kipman725 11th January 2006, 21:46 Quote
wow.. seriously impresive performance

but not targeted at the bittech crowd rearly more rich people who don't know too much about pcs but want the best of everything.

The case is fugly aswell, plastic on a pc costing £4500 :|

Also there competitor voodoopc watercools at this price level :P
hitman012 11th January 2006, 21:51 Quote
Indeed, for that price it was disappointing not to see a high-end watercooling system in place for silence + performance tbh.
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