Fujitsu Siemens AMILO gaming notebook

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jezmck 10th September 2005, 13:14 Quote
here at TrustedReviews
Neo40k 10th September 2005, 15:18 Quote
17" screen but no Number pad...thats sad....
LG xnote 17" has the number pad...
ch424 10th September 2005, 16:23 Quote
OK, so not only did you copy and paste this from TrustedReviews, but you pressed Ctrl+V twice?
Arkuden 10th September 2005, 17:44 Quote
yeah you have the same article in there twice...
WilHarris 10th September 2005, 18:26 Quote
Dammit! Only a couple of the paragraphs though. :(
SJH 11th September 2005, 13:34 Quote
Looks awfully like a Sony Vaio my mate's got.
TheLostSwede 12th September 2005, 11:02 Quote
So what's so bad with not having a num pad?
The way it is the keyboard is straight and with a num pad you tend to get a more squashed up keyboard which is worse to use.
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