Zalman CNPS9500 vs Asetek Microchill

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Fozzy 18th August 2005, 16:35 Quote
i had higher hopes for the zalman. I bet if you lapped it you could get much lower temps
koola 18th August 2005, 18:00 Quote
Didn't think the zalman could replace my wc system, but I wonder how loud it sounds on its maximum setting?
Hwulex 18th August 2005, 18:18 Quote
Originally Posted by Fozzy
i had higher hopes for the zalman. I bet if you lapped it you could get much lower temps
Same. I've been waiting for this thing to become available (retail) for aaaages and now I'm a little unsure as what to buy. :(

Maybe I'll stick to the CNPS7000B?
Cheap Mod Wannabe 18th August 2005, 18:30 Quote
We can always ducktape another fan to the other side of Zalman heatsink surpassing our expectations and making temps a lot lower.... mhmmmm looower...
Fr4nk 18th August 2005, 18:30 Quote
I've got the Vapo mirco on a 3800 X2 and it stays at a nice 38C idle 45CLoad @2.3Ghz but it is not the nicest thing to look at :( overwise its a great cooler :)
Da Dego 18th August 2005, 18:32 Quote
Well, that was a letdown. :(

Think I'll be sticking with my CU7000. ;)
jackjr 18th August 2005, 19:06 Quote
That's a bit disappointing (the Zalman). I was really looking forward to the release of this and was extremely excited to see the difference in temp.. What a bummer..
PA!N 18th August 2005, 19:32 Quote
Christ, I'd fear that the Zalman cooler (what ever they say) would break of and tear my mobo a part during ruff transportation to LAN's...
I'd guess it'll hold under normal circumstances but I sometimes carry my pc
on a "wheelbarrow" to lokal LAN's...
(never try this at home I almost wrecked my crappy old 19" monitor...)
Neo40k 18th August 2005, 20:59 Quote
the asetek design is rather neat even though its #s are low (well high!!)
but why would they make it swivel??? it adds another thermal break. :(

the Zalman looks wicked and appeas to work well.... shame on them for not have a flat bottom though. :)
Shadowed_fury 18th August 2005, 21:38 Quote
Bah, Thats a shame, I was gonna look into that Zalman... :(
blackerthanblack 18th August 2005, 22:53 Quote
Just a thought but did you try the Asetek in another orientation, like facing the exhaust fan, or was it an open case test. I know with some tower coolers this can make a difference in temps.
acidfire 18th August 2005, 22:54 Quote
I'd have to agree its fairly disappointing to see that the Zalman wasn't surfaced properly. I just picked up a pair of cu700's and a cu7700 for my new system
(x2 4400, a8n sli premium, 2x asus 7800 gtx) :D and the surfaces were damn near perfect, so this is a let down. Maybe it was just a bad unit? Oh well, should be interesting to see when they release the 120mm version ;)
Firefox90 18th August 2005, 23:29 Quote
Meh...I was going to finally upgrade my stock cooling to that Zalman, but it doesn't look that impressive. Do I have uber stock cooling or what? This is what is holding me back.
Pookeyhead 19th August 2005, 01:44 Quote
I don't care if they're good or not... they look completely retarded , and the weight MUST put a great deal of stress on the mobo/socket. Just stupid.... for God sake, just water cool your rig if you're THAT bothered about having lower temps!

I'd like a review that tests how many times you can actually move your PC without fracturing the connection between your socket and MoBo with one of these behemoths attached to it.
The_Pope 19th August 2005, 02:47 Quote
I agree that the Zalman could've been lapped for theoretically better performance - I suggested it in the Editing process - however, since this is how the sample was provided, this is also how thousands of people will no doubt install it, so the results reflect that.

For the few enthusiasts like you & me, we'd lap that fella nice & smooth, and I'd guess it would knock a couple of degree off perhaps...

Firefox90: what CPU do you have mate? It's either not very fast, or you have some hefty air-con: MB temps normally start around 30C, with CPUs around 35C. The fact your mobo temp says 20C strikes me as unusual.

Oh, and for the record in case people aren't aware of such things, CPUs are commonly rated to run as high as 60C, 70C or even more. Lower daily operating temps are commonly believed to lead to a longer life, but we're talking 5 years over 4 years etc.

The good thing about the Zalman is that you can set it to near-silent and still only hit 51C under load (and we're talking an FX-55 here!). Yes, the stock cooler is 54C, but that's quite noise in comparison. If you were to set the noise levels the same (because maybe you play games with headphones) the Zalman is 40C vs 54C - quite a difference.
Marquee 19th August 2005, 05:14 Quote
Oh my god the huge. One day a heatsink will be as big as a shuttle PC.LMFAO
Why can't these compays man a jump from heatsink to water cooling.
The_Pope 19th August 2005, 05:17 Quote
Cost, reliability, Technical Support... there are many reasons, though there are several off the shelf systems - we've all be discussing the Zalman, but Asetek make the excellent WaterChill range.
knuck 19th August 2005, 05:53 Quote
I dont really see what's wrong with these temperatures.... 40C in full load is actualy really good , how can you expect more from aircooling when using such a powerful processor?

I got a CNSP7700Cu, wich is an excellent heatsink , and my prescott 2.8@3.3Ghz is at 40°C in idle with the case opened. Im extremely satisfied , my Intel box could only keep it at 54°C in idle. (0_0)
jackpotcoast 19th August 2005, 06:26 Quote
After reading the review, it almost seemed rushed to me. It was like there was a big hurry to get it done, and not go through the normal motions...imo. Maybe they couldve showed the lapped temps and the non lapped temps. How many fans were in the case? As was mentioned before, swiveling the Asetek cooler to another direction. If the one of the coolers actually brought down case temps, that sort of thing. All imo though, you guys are the pros at doin this.
TMM 19th August 2005, 10:31 Quote
Any idea how these perform to an XP-120 with a medium speed fan (70cfm~)? The Zalman 9500 looks awesome imho :)
FIBRE+ 19th August 2005, 17:35 Quote
Need to get an UUUUUBER cooler test goin, not just loads of crap ones and a couple of well know favourites, the very best air, very best off the shelf water kits (low end) see whats best all round.

Il prob still get a xp-120 for me new rig tbh, impressed by me si-97 so cant go wrong.

Edit/ just noticed that
twice as effective as your average heatpipe cooler. In fact, Zalman claim that this cooler should be able to replace your watercooling system.

Well your average cooler will nomally run at bout 30-40ish idle, 28oC is hardly mind blowing. Think you should ask them when those stats come from :?
knuck 20th August 2005, 02:51 Quote
probably from the marketing department :D
jackpotcoast 20th August 2005, 22:59 Quote
Originally Posted by Ghys
probably from the marketing department :D

They can make claims like that until a review is done right. The zalman shouldve been lapped to show the difference in temps. It couldve gone down 5 degrees or it couldve stayed the same. Either way we'll just be guessing until another review comes out to show its real ability.
Tim S 20th August 2005, 23:47 Quote
Originally Posted by jackpotcoast
They can make claims like that until a review is done right. The zalman shouldve been lapped to show the difference in temps. It couldve gone down 5 degrees or it couldve stayed the same. Either way we'll just be guessing until another review comes out to show its real ability.
Personally, I don't think that any cooler should be lapped by reviewers. We've tested the other heatsinks in their out of the box form and if the company fail to lap the heatsink before shipping it is very hard to recommend such a cooler. If it was lapped and it's curved bottom didn't get picked up by quality control then that highlights the poor quality control on the product. How can we say that you're getting a quality product when the shipped product is evidently nowhere near 'quality'.

Basically you are saying that everyone who buys a cooler should have to spend hours lapping it to ensure that it is flat, rather than expecting the manufacturer will sell you a cooler that is 'ready for use'?

There was a debate similar to this over on procooling a long while back, and I'm inclined to agree with them in this case. A cooler should be shipped ready to use.
Fly 21st August 2005, 07:22 Quote
When manufacturers ship us products for review they sometimes state that that are pre-production review samples, in those cases we would expect there to possibly be minor issues with the product such as finish, packaging or even a fan that will be different from the one on the retail units. However, these were retail samples, as sold to Joe Public for instant installation and use.

Jackpotcoast, can you honestly tell me that more than a tiny fraction of the customers likely to buy this product will even know what lapping is? In fact, if you do lap the Zalman HS, I would suspect that they could easily claim that you have invalidated the warranty by doing so. As a reputable online publication we could hardly recommend that before you use your new Zalman heatsink you should go and lap it invalidating the warranty. What we have done is highlight the problem directly with Zalman through a review that they will read therefore injecting a production line solution rather than a customer workaround.
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