PowerColor X700 Bravo

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Da Dego 15th June 2005, 14:21 Quote
Erm, Wil?

* XFX GeForce 6600 GT Std 128MB - operating at its default speeds of 300/600MHz using ForceWare 71.89.

Which is it, a 6600GT or a 6600 Std? I'm confused.
Tim S 15th June 2005, 14:52 Quote
oops, sorry, my fault.... 6600 Std
Da Dego 15th June 2005, 15:05 Quote
All good now, I was a bit confuzzled. ;) I'd be mad if that passively cooled little thing beat out my 6600gt.
jezmck 16th June 2005, 21:22 Quote
There was me looking at it on Komplett, seriously considering it when I noticed it's PCI-E.
And yes you did say so - I just didn't see that.
And yes the photos do show it too.

Any suggestions for a similar grade card for ol' AGP?
Da Dego 17th June 2005, 17:04 Quote
Originally Posted by jazzle
Any suggestions for a similar grade card for ol' AGP?

Hahaha...jazzle, better look out, Firehed the PCIe Police will show up at your door! :) And not to hand you a new PCIe motherboard, either.

(sorry Firehed if you read this, just had to say it...;))
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