Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review

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MachineUK 26th March 2014, 11:56 Quote
I do not really have an issue with its length, it is the price tag that comes with it. Like release date DLC, again, not a problem if priced reasonably!! IMO.
Otis1337 26th March 2014, 13:41 Quote
Put a lot of hours into the PS3 version and really enjoying it. there is a lot to do in the camp.
Just wish there was more to the story in it.

As for the price i would of liked to see if at maybe £20 for old gen. (i know its only £2 but it £20 is where i would of drawn the line i think for it to become good value)
Saying that iv paid full prices for games if put very few hour in because it was broken on release (Brink)
Or just could not get into or enjoy (Skyrim)
mi1ez 27th March 2014, 03:11 Quote
The most advanced gadgets in Big Boss' arsenal are an "iDroid" that gives a real-time updated map

Apple cease and desist?
Bede 27th March 2014, 11:00 Quote
The ground in each one of those screenshots is a flat plane with one or two plain textures overlaid. That is terrible visual design. Levels don't have to look like the sides of a star destroyer, but they could do a lot better than that.
Otis1337 27th March 2014, 12:32 Quote
its a military base, function over form...
Have you played the game? You will see that there is a verity of ground textures to please you if you did :P

the rural area's out of the base look amazing in the rain. Can believe it looks that good my PS3 version. The FOX engine is extremely impressive. Just wish i was playing the PS4 version :(
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