Grand Theft Auto V Review

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Elton 25th September 2013, 21:44 Quote
Waiting for the PC release.
Gradius 26th September 2013, 00:15 Quote
Should be for PC already.
FaIIen 27th September 2013, 06:02 Quote
seriously...same score as Saints Row IV ?? what are you guys smoking.
chemo 27th September 2013, 23:38 Quote
First bittech review ive not agreed with for a while.
Maybe its my futile mind or that im not extremely sensitive to every aspect of modern life but this is one of the best games ive ever played, as others have said - it was a great experience right the way through.

I respect other opinions though, im just grateful games like this exist for adults to choose to play and im hoping even more that nothing is changed with the franchise in years to come from some of the kickback.
Speaking of kickback, I saw an article from a UK newspaper I think wheresome goons were targetting schools and churchs for projectors and they immediately though it was the crims who just wanted them to play gta on at home....Not because of any other reason obviously!
fluxtatic 28th September 2013, 07:46 Quote
Originally Posted by Sloth
A little more rough than I'd have put it, but have to agree that it seems overplayed. Rockstar have a narrative in place created with set characters, that was their design choice and fair play to them if they didn't want players changing fundamental aspects of their characters such as gender, or name.

This. I hope Rockstar never caves to the demands that there be female characters solely to appease the whiners. If it fits the story they want to tell, by all means, I hope they do it. If it's only because of the hue and cry that they're misogynistic, I call bullshit. They develop the game, they get to write the story they damn well please.

Don't forget, too, aside from Catalina, SA also had Kendl, Carl & Sweet's sister, who was trying to pull all of them (along with Cesar) up out of the ghetto, and was the perfect counterpoint to Sweet's ignorant-banger mentality.

As to V, though, nice to see not everyone is giving it the "ZOMG BEST GAME EVAR" that IV got - I played through IV once, and uninstalled it. I can't count the times I've played through VC and SA, but IV was just frustrating. The story was great, but the driving was godawful - I got somewhat used to it, in that I wasn't crashing every five seconds, but it wasn't fun to drive around. I still twitch a little when I think of Roman calling every 10 minutes, asking if I want to go bowling. I'll admit, though, the bowling mini-game was actually pretty kick-ass.

All that said, when they release the PC port (which they should be all over, since they made their money back 4- or 5-fold in 3 days), I'll pick it up cheap-ish in a Steam Sale. I might not wait until it's $5, but I never pay full retail for games anymore.
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