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Hg 13th October 2011, 19:09 Quote
Picking my copy up this weekend,
Got bored of GT5 a long time ago, thank god for Forza always liked the Series unlike GT which seems to be getting worst with each new game....
sakzzz 13th October 2011, 19:19 Quote
This could be an obvious & silly question but... i am assuming you used a force feedback racing wheel while playing for this article?
M7ck 13th October 2011, 19:25 Quote
I am downloading the demo just now, I will hopefully buy full game next week
mucgoo 13th October 2011, 19:37 Quote
So basically its just a slightly polished forza 3. Any actual new features?
braincake 13th October 2011, 19:37 Quote
it looks good on xbox, but can you imagine the epicosity waiting for it on the pc, i really really wish microsoft would let let some of these games come out on pc like it did for gears of war 1
oasked 13th October 2011, 20:30 Quote
Is it noticeably different from Forza 3? I just don't see the point in getting this game seeing as Forza 3 is so good.

Also, what's with all the Clarkson hate?! :p
fdbh96 13th October 2011, 20:31 Quote
Have you seen the intro clip on the review, he sounds like a ****
knuck 13th October 2011, 20:38 Quote
You started the article by bashing Clarkson and Top Gear. I didn't read the rest.
LeMaltor 13th October 2011, 20:48 Quote
Are the screens of F3 not 4?
warejon9 13th October 2011, 21:03 Quote
Someone like the Lamborghini photo's a bit? :p Wish they would release this for PC.
B1GBUD 13th October 2011, 21:27 Quote
Clarkson for Prime Minister!!
Spuzzell 13th October 2011, 21:39 Quote
Why the hate? I like Clarkson. And I adore Top Gear.

Apart from that, nice review.
Ending Credits 13th October 2011, 21:45 Quote
Right, going to go and get my mum to bring my Xbox up to uni. :p
Skiddywinks 13th October 2011, 21:46 Quote
What is the actual issue taken with Clarkson's intro? Just curious.
Podge4 13th October 2011, 21:57 Quote
My copy came today, got the LE version but i have to wait as its one of my xmas gifts, along with GoW 3 LE.
Paradigm Shifter 13th October 2011, 22:28 Quote
I'm of two minds about the rewind feature - I hate how every time I take a wheel off the track accidentally in Forza 3 it's nagging me to rewind, but like it when I'm in the lead and the AI decides that shunting me off into sand on a corner would be a legitimate tactic. But I use it, oh, I don't know - once every four or five races (only if I can't recover quickly enough from AI crunching) so using it as a complaint is a bit silly. If you don't like it, don't use it. Simple. ;)

Also, while I like getting to the better cars, there is a sweet spot - I'm not that great a fan of the R-class cars, because they're all pretty much the same when it gets right down to it... but the F-to-S class cars have a world of variety in there. I usually find myself having much more fun in the 'middle' of the game than toward the end, where the cars are a lot more fussy.
barny2767 13th October 2011, 23:16 Quote
very nice game got a copy today and played for about 5 hours and yes its much like Forza 3 but better in looks and gameplay and most of the cars from Forza 3 are there so you wont end up paying the the same cars for 2 games so I cant fault it realy
Neogumbercules 13th October 2011, 23:17 Quote
After playing a few hours of GT5 last night, I gotta say, I wish the rewind feature would be in every racing game.

I've been playing GT since the first one came all the way back in the PS1 days, so I'm not new the sim racing genre. I love Gran Turismo and have purchased every version of the series over the years.

I just don't see how the rewind feature makes the game noob friendly or takes away the need for skill or learning the track and your car. If you make a mistake you can rewind to before you made the mistake and try again. If you screw it up again you can analyze what you're doing wrong, what you can try to correct your mistake, and actually try right then and there. When you finally get the turn or perfect the overtake of your opponent you gained 2 things:

1. You saw right there whatever you did wrong and learned to correct your mistake. Additionally you learn this particular portion of the track pretty well.

2. You didn't have to break your TV from having to restart the ENTIRE race and sit through 3 minutes of loading screens then spend however long getting back to where you were, only to screw up again or get rammed by the AI.

That said, Auto Vista mode makes me want the next generation consoles that much more.
megamale 13th October 2011, 23:27 Quote
I must be a real **** cause I actually find the Clarckson presentation quite touching TBH.

That alone sold the game for me...
Jared89 13th October 2011, 23:34 Quote
letting a personal dislike towards clarkson even alter a review that ideally is unbiased was sloppy, regardless of final score.

"It's hard to pinpoint exactly what makes Forza 4 feel so fun; partly it's the sense of momentum and weight makes taking corners enjoyably challenging, partly the. The sensation of grip which makes wrestling cars around tight corners at high speeds is as unforgiving as it should be. When you begin to skid, especially in a rear-wheel drive, the precision needed to keep from over or under-steering makes holding the sweet spot all the more satisfying."

Please review iRacing with a decent forced feedback wheel, it makes forza and gt5 look like arcade racers.
knuck 13th October 2011, 23:39 Quote
Rewind feature ? What's next, auto-aim in FPS games ?

... oh wait
sandys 13th October 2011, 23:49 Quote
Originally Posted by Neogumbercules
2. You didn't have to break your TV from having to restart the ENTIRE race and sit through 3 minutes of loading screens then spend however long getting back to where you were, only to screw up again or get rammed by the AI.

GT doesn't reload if you restart the race :? only if you exit and go back in which you don't have to do.

I'll have to get this update and pop it in my Forza machine, are there any good PC,PS3,360 compatible wheels, I don't have a wheel for 360 and don't feel the joypad did Forza 3 any favours, my G25 doesn't work in 360, I'd like something as good as the Logitech wheel that works in all 3.
montymole 14th October 2011, 04:02 Quote
sad that with all the console ports that we get on the PC that when such a good game is made that we will never play on our gaming rigs and i am not going to buy a 360 to play one game
johnnyboy700 14th October 2011, 08:36 Quote
Okay, this game has convinced me its time to buy a steering wheel for my XBOX. I've looked at this one, which apparently won an award at a recent games expo:-

Surprisingly Argos have this cheaper than Amazon, the only thing that puts me off is that it uses the rumble signal rather that the forcefeedback signal. The forcfeedback wheels seem to be either a bit thin on the ground or really expansive. The former official XBOX wheel from Microsoft seems to have doubled in price since they stopped making it and the only other ff wheels I seem to be able to find are from Fantec:-

This one is just the wheel, pedals are extra.

I also spotted this one on Amazon:-

I've used Thrustmaster joysticks before and they were pretty good although their build quality could be quite erratic.

Any suggestions from you XBOX racers out there?
Pazu 14th October 2011, 08:43 Quote
"It's hard to pinpoint exactly what makes Forza 4 feel so fun; partly it's the sense of momentum and weight makes taking corners enjoyably challenging, partly the."

The what? Proof read much? For a journalistic website, this is quite unforgivable. Not to mention how incredibly awkward the whole paragraph sounds.

I like you bit-tech. But recently, you just seem to go down the slippery path... You need to up your game!
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