Gears of War 3 Review

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Skiddywinks 22nd September 2011, 18:09 Quote
Sweet, thank you very much!
Solidus 22nd September 2011, 22:50 Quote
75% = about 7.5/10 in relative terms.

I wonder if you think this game is better than the second?

Because the seconds biggest failure was the connection issues with multi-player.

Gears 2 scored 8/10 where as this looks like it has done worse? I wonder if that's reflective of the game not being as good or simply the concept being more dated now?
Raijin 24th September 2011, 23:16 Quote
Originally Posted by thom804
Gears of sludgy-as-hell control system

I would give any of the gears games 60% max due to the entire game being spoiled by the control system.
Yes, the storyline is hammy as hell, and I love that. The graphics at the time of the original were amazing. The MP could be fun with friends.

But the fact that wherever you go, it feels like you're controlling a drunk monkey ruins any love I have for this franchise.

I have to agree with you on this, I played GOW 1 for the first time about a month ago due to a friends recommendation, so I borrowed it from him and played for about 2 hours. By the first 30 minutes I hated the control system, but I figured you know, push forward, see if the story gets better. The next day I handed the game back to my friend and I haven't played it since. Hated the control system and the aiming system, dunno if it's cause I'm used to twitch-based shooting but both systems just seemed extremely slugish to me.
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