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DatenThielt 18th September 2011, 12:19 Quote
"There are three crudely stereotypical characters from which to choose - a rapper, a Chun-Li analogue, a Texan and an ex-cop"

You mean 4 right :)
loftie 18th September 2011, 12:27 Quote
Maybe the ex-cop isn't eating doughnuts and is therefore not a stereotype :P

It's a shame this game looks so, bland. Everyone who I know who plays it says it's fun, but watching game run throughs, and Mack and Mesh's run through, it looks a bit boring and repetitive. Not to mention like a console port on the PC. Coupled together the problems it's had on the PC platform with them releasing a developer build instead of the actual release.

Having said that I played Borderlands, and loved that. And that can be described as repetitive and had a couple of bugs on release too. Meh maybe i'll pick it up when it gets cheaper
CardJoe 18th September 2011, 12:31 Quote
Originally Posted by DatenThielt
"There are three crudely stereotypical characters from which to choose - a rapper, a Chun-Li analogue, a Texan and an ex-cop"

You mean 4 right :)

My bad, fixed.
hurrakan 18th September 2011, 12:32 Quote
I think the PC version is slightly better ... but I'll just wait for the Dead Rising: Off the Record :)
will_123 18th September 2011, 13:01 Quote
Wait for this to hit a steam sale! i do enjoy a zombie game!
Yemerich 18th September 2011, 13:15 Quote
It is a fun game.

It is a Mixture of the last alone in the dark and dead rising 2.

Looks like every HUGE open world game suffer from the same problem: repetitive kind of sidequests. It is like the major problem is also the major attraction. It happened with Far Cry 2. The game was really good, beautifull, nice interface and ideas... But it was VERY repetitive!

Don't expect much from Dead Island, but still it's really fun. Still my preferred zombie game is Left 4 Dead (the first one) and plants vs zombies :D
longweight 18th September 2011, 13:20 Quote
i couldn't see in the article which platform you reviewed the game on, was it the 360 as the link to the second page is titled?
t.y.wan 18th September 2011, 14:07 Quote
The "animations" require quite a bit more work... If a player picks up a crate, and walk, you will see what I meant. The climbing animation? Looks really funky - -" The shadows are also horrible...
Storyline? Seems none, if you ask me. Logic? Horrible... Driving? Crazy...
HOWEVER! Playing "Co-Op" is really really funny, (Less looting would be even better...) people do things despite it ain't rational... Fun of coz.
FifteeeCal 18th September 2011, 14:21 Quote
Best way to describe Dead Island: First-person Dead Rising.
CardJoe 18th September 2011, 15:30 Quote
Originally Posted by longweight
i couldn't see in the article which platform you reviewed the game on, was it the 360 as the link to the second page is titled?

I would have thought that made it obvious, but: Yes. I'm playing the PC version at the moment too, but my thoughts run mostly the same.
longweight 18th September 2011, 15:34 Quote
Ok yeah I can see it clearly now!
Slizza 18th September 2011, 16:52 Quote
this is goty for me so far on PC.
thehippoz 18th September 2011, 17:31 Quote
I liked it.. it does get better from the start

it does get loopy though, you'll see what I mean when you reach the last boss.. it's like a little kids script.. let's throw common sense out the window.. think they were writing it for the console crowd cause they'll eat up anything

if you want to just blow through the game.. there's a file in the pak that let's you mod all the variables.. even xp multiplier, so you can be level 50 after killing one zombie if you wanted.. mod your speed, stamina, everything

I went through the game without cheating- there was some challenge.. magic wand mod is the best though.. it knocks them down even bosses- just put all points into crit

then jump on their head for one hit kills did this with the last boss who you would think be immune to this cheese

also to improve the visuals look in the video.scr.. change the shader to 4 and you can smooth out the shadows there too
leibritz 18th September 2011, 17:56 Quote
I play on PC and the controls are 100% better than in Dead Rising. The game is very enjoyable and the kills satisfying. It has a ton of bugs, but it somehow does not spoil the game for me. I am having fun every minute I play :)
thehippoz 18th September 2011, 18:01 Quote
yeah you guys notice the level 3 chests are all junk? think opened them all- got one rare set of brass knuckles.. and even those were about 3 levels lower than the level I was at

best stuff was bought at the traders and they give you some really sweet stuff in prison for doing the side quests
Senilex 19th September 2011, 08:44 Quote
Isn't the main difference between the characters are the skill Trees? Poor miss there.
Madmonkee 19th September 2011, 12:02 Quote
truely gruesome, annoyed that damage taken doesnt scale with lvl. I am at lvl 41 now, zombies only have to hit you twice, once sometimes and you dead..... tad annoying. Dev weps are fun, but why can you not put them on better weapons!? whats that all about :D
Teh Noob Slayer 19th September 2011, 12:48 Quote
Lots of bugs in the PC game, disappearing radar in coop, Main mission bug ; where you can't swap to a side mission while in coop, your friends have to quit first then rejoin. An item stacking bug, where 10 items (medkit or alcohol) should fit in one inventory slot but gets split for some reason and takes up two slots.

The above shouldn't put you off though, the game plays like borderlands though ('iffy' graphics), lots of weapons and the ability to make customised weapons. If you liked Borderlands you will definitely like this game. Game is much easier in coop mode.

*I believe the ex-cop Purna is an 'alleged' woman. :)
Waynio 19th September 2011, 14:23 Quote
Been playing it on PC & it's not the open world zombie game I was hoping for, combat is pretty good & like the focusing on body parts of it & the environments are good but it's lacking sooooooo much like it was rushed out, no day/night cycles neither, maybe the devs of the game might add some of what I was hoping for in a big patch but if not then maybe modders will but I won't hold my breath, £30 not well spent already recomended some to wait for sale unless they are mad keen to play it, just feels so repetitive & not very interesting.

Also it overheated my gtx 580 very badly because of no v-sync & something to do with the controls when on mouse & keys causes stutter lag, you can enable v-sync by modding the video settings file but you still get stutter lag so to sort the other probs there is a tool released by modders that fixes issues to get the game playing smooth, my gtx 580 was ramping up the fan speed so I run a log of the temps & it reached 90c in 5 minutes of playing so it's a potential gpu killer if you don't enable v-sync.

I agree with the 65% score.
thehippoz 19th September 2011, 15:24 Quote
you like sveti baby! lol some of it was good though.. I mean I was way too hard on it till saw the jungle- it got better

wow 90c.. I believe you too
paith 19th September 2011, 15:45 Quote
I was quite skeptical before actually playing the game, it's nothing like the promotional teaser they released a few months back. I was led to believe that this will be a realistic zombie survival game with a decent storyline, but it turns out to be an action RPG lootfest with bland characters.

Thought I'd give it a miss when a friend bought me a copy to play coop with him. The game is riddled with bugs which is a worrying trend in the gaming industry (release now, fix later), however it is admittedly quite enjoyable. There's something about the loot system that will keep most players hooked (look at Diablo 2, WoW, Torchlight), and I think it's very similar to Borderlands. Killing zombies with ridiculous weapons such as poison katana might sound bizarre, but it is very satisfying.

So from a game design point of view Dead Island deserves its mediocre score, but it is still a fun game to play with a few friends.
Waynio 19th September 2011, 16:30 Quote
Originally Posted by thehippoz
you like sveti baby! lol some of it was good though.. I mean I was way too hard on it till saw the jungle- it got better

wow 90c.. I believe you too

I've not reached the jungle yet so might be & I hope so that I'm being too hard on it :D & yeah the you like sveti baby was funny lol, spent most of my time in the game wandering around the map doing flying kicks at the zombies & getting chased lol :D currently in the sewers part of the game so don't know how far off I am from the jungle.

The tool to run this well is here, constantly being updated ;).

Possibly why my 580 was getting so hot also is it's a palit brand sonic overclocked one which got recalled & I didn't know they got recalled around the time so it could be I have an iffy one :( but it's fine for every other game so unsure.
thehippoz 19th September 2011, 17:06 Quote
noticed the temp on my ati card was higher than other games too..

nice tweaker =] yeah jungle comes later and the prison, I'd avoid the bathrooms
S1W1 19th September 2011, 18:29 Quote
Shame, I had very high expectations after the brilliant trailer, but it sounds like a another perfectly fun (but repetitive) game which doesn't really manage to offer anything new.

I'll be sticking to Portal atm which I downloaded yesterday for free from Steam (the giveaway runs to the 20th if you haven't already got it) and is absolutely fantastic.
wildwilson 19th September 2011, 18:43 Quote
*Snipped out some rather nasty words*

Mod says: Go away you horrid person.
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