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kosch 16th November 2010, 13:01 Quote
I like the point you made about the amount of required space to use the product properly. I wonder if MS considered this when developing it as from my limited experiance of watching wife swap USA on channel 4 it seems American houses have pretty big lounges even the small ones!
dancingbear84 16th November 2010, 13:25 Quote
I think the point of the Kinect is for Kids, TBH. The in-laws got one and yeah, it was fun. Would I blow £130? No way. That said, every time I pass their window, their daughter is bounding around the room like a mentalist. I have a feeling that it will be this years number one Christmas gift, parent buy for kids, kids are fickle.
At 6ft 6 I found the camera was not detecting me jumping unless I pulled my knees to my chin when jumping. No one else had this issue though.
GravitySmacked 16th November 2010, 13:38 Quote
From the review:
The problem arises though when you have to reconcile that fun, which you know will likely be short-lived, with the high price that Microsoft has stuck on the Kinect controller. We really like playing Dance Central, but we also know that we aren’t going to be playing it come the end of the week – and if we do then it’ll be a rare, drunken event. That means we find it hard to justify recommending Kinect, or think of it as anything other than a me-too gimmick – an opinion we’ll stand by until Kinect’s awesome potential is realised.

2 words, nail & head.
David 16th November 2010, 13:41 Quote
I don't think the price will be that much of an issue. Look how many muppets went out and bought the likes of Rock Band.

Even so, I think.. Meh.
Lance 16th November 2010, 13:49 Quote
I find it quite funny that my problems with the Kinect are all in the review.

The real power of Kinect would be extra controls in game. Taking penaties in FIFA, slapping someone while having a convosation in Fable, gestures to squads/teammates in MWBO.

What about face and body mappings so your characters look like you (maybe with a slimming feature so you don't become an easy target...).
maximus09 16th November 2010, 14:37 Quote
It's always going to be the case when it first comes out. The only way to release it is with cheap games that blatantly rip off nintendo as they are already popular and they want to attract nintendo lovers (which wont happen).

Everything hangs in the balance for thrid party developers, it will be them who make it successful or not and depending on how limiting the devices is in terms of room space requirements microsoft have cut the potential profits to less than half. In the UK anyway, there is too many small flats and terrace houses for this to work properly, hence it will be the domain of only the rich. On the box requirements it may as well state:

- Good lighting conditions
- Under 6ft tall
- Large house
- and at least one plonker
craigey1 16th November 2010, 14:46 Quote
Can anyone comment on the lag, (is there any)?
My wife played one of the dance games on the wii & it was pretty hopeless at picking up the moves. I'm hoping the kinect will do a better job, though I'm not getting one tl the price comes down (sub £100). - Oh & I get a new job!
memeroot 16th November 2010, 14:59 Quote
lag varies from game to game
bobwya 16th November 2010, 22:14 Quote
Microsoft seem to be playing catchup all the time these days. No wonder Steve Ballmer has cashed his chips in...
B33 ENN 17th November 2010, 03:25 Quote
Hmmm... not seen anything about this until now as I was browsing the site...

Have to admit I'm fascinated as to how it works? I mean do you have to wear reflective armbands etc to make it sense your position or does it do it all just by looking at you in whatever you are wearing? I assume since there is no mention in the article that it can separate you from the background also, so no need for like a bluescreen behind you etc?

It's not something I'd be interested in as a toy but if it was available for the PC, just to speculate about the potential, I can see applications for simulation games. I can't imagine what it could do though that the TrackIR can't. However, it could make a very useful teaching tool in serious applications, like surgical simulations or perhaps for people with learning difficulties.
ledbythereaper 17th November 2010, 03:31 Quote
Played with this at work, I agree that the titles do seem like HD Wii remakes, although Dance Central was a lot of fun with 3 of us making tits of ourselves.

Had a load of issues though with it not detecting hand movements, getting confused by the 2nd player, and for some reason when Boxing in the sports game, only one player was detected whilst doing 2 player.

We didn't have any issues with facial recognition, didn't get to try out the voice controls though due to a lot of background noise.

Also, Sonic Riders makes me weep with what they're doing to the poor franchise.
fabler 17th November 2010, 05:13 Quote
I think by owning Wii.. We will have to purchase all it's accessories to play games. But with kinect that won't be neccessory.. :)
Toploaded 17th November 2010, 05:20 Quote
I prefer the idea of move by far, although Its worth pointing out that I've spent above 130 on it between 2 'wands', 1 navigation controller, the eye toy and a charging station for them all. Admittedly the charging station is really not needed to improve the experience, but I really wanted an option to charge them without having the PS3 turned on, and of course this is not an issue with Kinect. The 2 wands and one navigation controller are kinda needed though to get the full enjoyment from Move and that games I have (Sports Champions and Heavy Rain). Other then those titles, the Moves line up is equally terrible so far, what a shame they put out a piss poor boxing game to showcase it.

All in all I'm very glad that motion control came to the HD consoles, I often played my Wii with my girl, and now I can game with her without looking 1999 graphics.
Cafuddled 17th November 2010, 10:20 Quote
It's just 3 webcam's on a big long bar... I can see this getting cheaper and cheaper through unofficial channels.
Ream 17th November 2010, 10:49 Quote
I have to admit to liking Kinect, not to happy at the price but if I can mess around with it on my PC at a later date then its money well spent, found lag to be present in some titles but its not as bad as i thought it would be. Looking forward to some proper games to come out for it instead of the usual fitness and party games.
uz1_l0v3r 17th November 2010, 11:12 Quote
Nice concept, but I cannot see it taking off the way the Wii has. The casual gaming public that Nintendo have so successfully pitched at will baulk at the idea of having to pay £145 for a console and then another £130 for the Kinect. Plus the space required is a major limitation.
Skiddywinks 17th November 2010, 16:20 Quote
As I despise the shovelware that has launched along with the Kinect, I don't really think the price is all that bad. It may be quite a chunk to drop in one go, but you never have to buy anything again. You can straight away have the maximum number of players in a game.

I work on the MVG department in Asda, and have seen countless people come in and drop far more on a set of Move wands and Navigation controllers. Likewise, the official Wii controller is £30, plus £14 if you want the nunchuck. £44 for one player.

£130 for four controllers doesn't sound all that bad when you compare it. Don't get me wrong, I don't own it, nor plan on doing so unless I see some real innovative games and not Wii rip offs, but I think people complaining about the price are being a little short sighted.

And Cafuddled, it is not simply "3 webcam's (sic) on a long bar", which just goes to show how little a lot of people complaining about the Kinect actually know about it.
riggs 17th November 2010, 20:35 Quote
I've seen people actually state that they're buying the Kinect mainly for the 'Minority Report' style gesture/voice navigation. Really?! I've not used Kinect yet, but from what I've seen the menu navigation looks really bad. Yeah, it's a great gimmick, but it just looks like it'll be so mcuh easier (and quicker) to pick up a control pad and press a few buttons.

@Skiddywinks: 4 controllers? I thought it could only (fully) support 2 players at a time?
Skiddywinks 18th November 2010, 00:01 Quote

That's a development choice, not a hardware limitation.
Cthippo 18th November 2010, 04:38 Quote
I can see this being nice for FPS games with either a gun shaped controller with buttons, or maybe a software hack to follow the orange tip on toy guns.

The is a ton of potential here, but until someone can back it up with software...
Clesm 18th November 2010, 12:51 Quote
Is lag still an issue as per your preview?
Clesm 18th November 2010, 12:54 Quote
Originally Posted by Clesm
Is lag still an issue as per your preview?

Sorry missed craigey1 comment but still how big is it preview said it was almost unworkable...
fabler 18th November 2010, 12:57 Quote
Originally Posted by Clesm
Is lag still an issue as per your preview?

I think there is no lag. Lag was only there when it was in development.. :)
memeroot 18th November 2010, 13:08 Quote
there is lag but it varies
halfinched 18th November 2010, 15:59 Quote
I was a bit unsure of this but dancing games are my dirty little secret and xmas is coming up so I thought what the hell and got one. I love it. Yes the release launch titles are weak but then can anyone remember when a full system launched with anything more than one game they actually wanted to play? Walking up to your xbox being recognised, saying xbox kinect and having the interface change, loading the game by verbal command or hand gesture is pretty damn cool in my book although possibly not worth £130 alone :)

As a stand in to increase the longevity of the console and competitor to the motion controllers of the ps3 and wii I think it beats them hands down. I do think they will need some sort of sub controller to truly unleash hardcore gaming potential but am looking forward to tossing nades physically some day soon although at 6ft and 15stone ducking behind a small barrel for cover might become more of a problem!

I say be patient it will take time for developers to completely get to grips with it. For technogeeks its cool to have now and chat without a headset / wave at the ui etc for others it might be better to wait for the killer game but I'm perfectly happy with my early xmas present and can't think of anything that would have bought more of a smile to my face on christmas day. It's even got my gf playing games and she usually falls into the "hates gaming" category of female.
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