Star Ocean: The Last Hope Review

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sui_winbolo 6th June 2009, 08:15 Quote
My friend brought it over and showed it to me. The opening scene was awesome, kay? Awesome and impressive nuclear explosions, it was really stunning!

But after that, we spent like 5 hours watching one cut scene. Kay?

Yeah, too Japanese for me, kay?
CardJoe 6th June 2009, 08:33 Quote
Ending Credits 6th June 2009, 10:01 Quote
Yeah, I always find there are too many names; I often pick up some of my sister's manga to read and halfway through the book you're still like "Who?" and "Didn't he/she/it die a few pages back?! Oh wait, it's a different name."

It's the same with a lot of Sci-fi especially Iain Banks (bit of irony there).

Yemerich 6th June 2009, 13:08 Quote
Oh noes... Yet another manga-like game... Will it ever stop?

How to write a manga like game:
- put graphics exagerated bright and colorfull.
- All those graphics use point and shap things an round huge eyes and tits.
- theres always some girl that is so delicate that gives you the impression shes always about to cry (and many of the times she IS crying).
- Always someone near you (normally a girl) dies by the hands of a badie.
- No matter how baddie and god like is that being, there will be always another one that is BADDIER and more GOD-LIKE than the previous.
- When you get near the end, you discover that the ultimate baddie is somehow related to you.
- When you are at least halfway about to die you discover some sleeping ability that gives you power beyond those of the ultimate baddie that is EVEN MORE god-like than his.
- Normally you will have to sacrifice yourself somehow, so that you will have to leave your partners behind. And if thats the case, after the game finishes, you will get a hint that you are "*not* really dead".

And thats the rules of making a manga-like game, kay?
Chocobollz 6th June 2009, 13:20 Quote
Kay kay now stop the kay,kay?
alpaca 6th June 2009, 15:01 Quote
thehippoz 6th June 2009, 15:52 Quote
after watching dragonball z in the theater.. and roid raging.. I think you can safely say skip this one? Kay? XD
mauvecloud 6th June 2009, 16:17 Quote
Sifter3000 6th June 2009, 18:04 Quote
Needs more SHORYUKEN
Blademrk 6th June 2009, 18:22 Quote
or (following on from the DBZ reference) more Kah-may-ha-may-haaaaaa?

might pick this one up actually, I like a good RPG.
Mentai 6th June 2009, 21:57 Quote
I'll pick this up if square brings it to PC/steam like they did the last remnant, kay?
Yemerich 7th June 2009, 00:04 Quote
Originally Posted by Mentai
I'll pick this up if square brings it to PC/steam like they did the last remnant.
You forgot the "kay"
Mentai 7th June 2009, 02:00 Quote
It was omitted on purpose, but I'll fix it for you, kay?
Gunsmith 7th June 2009, 02:08 Quote
want long cut scenes? try the Xenosaga franchise.

been a while since i played them but iic the final cinematic at the end of ep 3 was 47 mins long. :D
cyrilthefish 8th June 2009, 08:57 Quote
I brought it on saturday and have clocked up 18hours of gametime already, awesome game is awesome, 'kay?

i'm finding it feels very much like Mass Effect thats collided with a more traditional RPG so far.

I was a bit iffy on the combat system to start with, but it's really grown on me.

Only real complaint i have so far is the slightly shocking resolution it runs at, the pixels are HUGE and very visible on my 24" screen, i'm guessing it's 640x480 (or similar) scaled up fairly badly.
The FMV sections are much nicer though.

This is another game i'd buy again for the PC if they ever release on the platform to improve the graphics.
cyrilthefish 8th June 2009, 22:05 Quote
Ahahaha! i initially laughed at the complaints at there being too much FMV in the game

but i just watched a sequence on the second disc that paused itself at a random point: the controller had gone into powersave mode and turned itself off, due to the length of the video

i'm not really complaining, as it was engrossing and the only reason i noticed it was so long was the controller turning off, but it made me LOL :)
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