Brütal Legend Preview

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Bauul 1st May 2009, 09:29 Quote
Do you think it's a coincidence that the main character's name, Eddie Riggs, bares a strong resemblence to Iron Maiden's zombie mascot Eddie, and the artist who first drew him, Derek Riggs? I think not!

As a metal fan, this just looks so cool I want to splurge a bit. I might just have to buy a 360 just to play it.
gilesy 1st May 2009, 11:11 Quote
it does looks good crack,and i bet it has a kick ass sound track which will make it even better ,play it loud play it hard
Aterius Gmork 1st May 2009, 11:28 Quote
No Pc? Meh. I'm tempted... will putting up with the crappy controls be worth it?
perplekks45 1st May 2009, 12:33 Quote
Hmm... to buy or not to but? I'll wait for a proper review.
Yemerich 1st May 2009, 14:52 Quote
Black Sabbath and Motorhead? I am in for sure!!...

hmmm wait... No consoles here... oohh well.. i didn't want it anyways :(
interzen 1st May 2009, 16:01 Quote
Originally Posted by Yemerich
Black Sabbath and Motorhead? I am in for sure!!...

hmmm wait... No consoles here... oohh well.. i didn't want it anyways :(

Read a preview of it in, I think, 360 Gamer a while back and it's been on my 'WANTS!' list ever since :-) Just need to decide whether to get the 360 or PS3 version ... something the preview neglects to mention (at least I didn't see it) is that as well as Rob Halford, there's also some voice acting done by Lemmy. Hell, YEAH!

Still can't help feeling that the whole thing looks like the ******* offspring of Fable 2 and Spinal Tap though ;-)
RallyRoach 1st May 2009, 17:09 Quote
Man, no PC again!? Draaaaag...

Oh well, maybe 360's will drop to $149 by the time I want to play it...
capnPedro 1st May 2009, 19:36 Quote
My feelings about this game cannot be expressed in words, so instead just imagine a face melting guitar solo and a topless chick with a hot rack.

That is all.
pistol_pete 1st May 2009, 21:06 Quote
This is a lot what my life is like:

Looks awesome, I'm amused.
lp1988 1st May 2009, 23:03 Quote

something Eddie and Ophelia generally have to accomplish on their own as Lars is far too busy being all charismatic and blonde for most of the game. Damned hippy.

D*** I'm blond, long haired, listens to hard rock And my name is Lars.
Jordan Wise 2nd May 2009, 13:09 Quote
This better get on the PC or i'll be severely disappointed
m0o0oeh 2nd May 2009, 14:03 Quote
As soon as I saw the cover image for it, it instantly went on my "WANT!" list, along with Mirrors Edge and LBP for the PS3
alpaca 2nd May 2009, 21:06 Quote

if we scream and headbang hard enough, maybe they will make a (decent) port!
[PUNK] crompers 4th May 2009, 22:29 Quote
will defo be getting this on ps3 cannae wait
Xir 8th May 2009, 11:58 Quote

I read the entire review without realising it's console only *grrrrr*
Flibblebot 10th July 2009, 11:31 Quote
Apologies for the zombie thread, but this didn't really justify starting a new thread.

For those of you who haven't seen this yet, there's a video of the first 15 minutes of gameplay over at gametrailers, complete with commentary by Tim Schafer.

It looks cool and all, but I'm just wondering whether I'd be thinking the same if it weren't for the presence of Jack Black - would it just be another hack 'n slash game without him?
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