The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

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HourBeforeDawn 18th April 2009, 21:33 Quote
ya I agree with that rating, the game didnt look all that great to begin with.
NightrainSrt4 18th April 2009, 22:00 Quote
I loved the demo when it came out last year, so I would probably quite enjoy the main game, even with obnoxious difficulties of baddies.

Then again I will admit I am one who loves the Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors games and has since DW2, so I'm no stranger to destroying multitudes of baddies for no reason than doing it, and doing it again and again every game that comes out. That's not everyone's type of game, but this sure does look like it would be right up my alley.
Bauul 20th April 2009, 09:14 Quote
Zombie Smashers was a brilliant little game on 2-player, me and Joe spent many an evening flinging decapitated heads around. That was mindless violence, but in some respects it was quite sedate (in a nice way) violence. I get the impression this some how loses the "do it at your pace" appeal of ZS.
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