Fable 2 Non-Gamer Review

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Gunsmith 1st November 2008, 08:20 Quote
im probably the biggest ******* critic of pc games out there (currently feeding the farcry 2 disc to my dog) I actually quite enjoyed reading that.

i can kinda see the method behind the madness that is Molynaux's thinking as the casual non-gamer audience is relatively untapped source of income which the wii did with silly success.
DougEdey 1st November 2008, 08:33 Quote
Good review, if only to show the difference to Molyneux (I hope you guys emailed him :P) maybe she can do some more reviews for the Wii games?
Adnoctum 1st November 2008, 09:24 Quote
I'm not a gamer-snob. I hate people who use the word "noob" or any other derogatory name calling (unless it is at some poisonous personality who spoils it for everyone. There should be a democratic microphone mute vote IMO).

I like games. I like people who like games. I like new people who are interested in games. Why wouldn't you like more people being interested in something you love?

There are always going to be hateful "purists" who deride and abuse games and gamers who are often described as "casual". Many RPGers hated Oblivion as too "console-y" and dumbed down, but you know what, most people (including myself) liked it despite of or because of the levelling and other issues.

Fable 2 is going to get a lot of hate heaped on it because it wasn't what some wanted. It is obvious from Faith's review that is successful at what it was meant to be.
Do "casual" gamers not have the right to have games made for their tastes and needs? Shouldn't they be allowed to be happy with their purchases? Why does every game need to be for the "hardcore" <insert genre here> gamer?

I apologise for the "Why cant we all just get along" speech. I'll stop with the sermonising now and go play some Scarface (*).

* Hey, it cost me a buck, so I can put up with the crippling flaws on PC. Don't judge me!! You don't know me!!
Gunsmith 1st November 2008, 10:05 Quote
Originally Posted by Adnoctum
Why does every game need to be for the "hardcore" <insert genre here> gamer?

when something you've grown up with and love is suddenly given to someone else and you've given a "**** you" by the companies you've grown with and helped get to their position, only then will you know what it feels like to be "hardcore"
1ad7 1st November 2008, 10:08 Quote
I liked that review quite a bit, it was well written and truthful and its exactly what most "casual" gamers would likely say. Sadly I think fable 2 could of prevented alot of hate if they had a option for basic fighting and advanced fighting and maybe even the same with quest. It seems ever sense EA has taken a big slice of gaming developers have stopped using options.... why... madden is a prime example of this decline in customization.
Kúsař 1st November 2008, 10:36 Quote
Funny reading! Being hardcore gamer, this review almost makes me wanna try this game. It would be better if it had two difficulty settings...
Originally Posted by Faith Martin
...and being given the opportunity to kick various roaming animals...
lol !!!
Has she got any pets?
LeMaltor 1st November 2008, 10:51 Quote
Nice review, makes me want to play the game but I don't have a 360 :(
Seraphim2150 1st November 2008, 10:52 Quote
Bit Tech should try this with some other games
CardJoe 1st November 2008, 11:21 Quote
Maybe - but the problem is that there's only so long you can do a non-gamer review before your non-gamer actually becomes a gamer...
The boy 4rm oz 1st November 2008, 11:23 Quote
Played it, finished it, onto the next lol. Me and my mate finished it last weekend after 2 solid days of ownage lol.
lp1988 1st November 2008, 11:39 Quote
Originally Posted by Adnoctum
Don't judge me!! You don't know me!!
"Don't damn me When I speak a piece of my mind"

nice to see you try something diffrent. a rewiev from a casual gamer is proberly better for this kind of game, and it is nice to read, it reminds me of how I used to see games when i first started.
In the end non "hardcore" gamers may get more out of the games than manny of the rest of us do, when a "hqardcore" gamer plays a new game he/she is fast to find anny minor flaws in the game, however a casual gamer may not notice this and therefore get a better experience.
iwog 1st November 2008, 11:42 Quote
Surely you could just get a steady stream of "work experience" in from a local school/collage. I mean there are probably quite a few people looking to be journalists in some form in the area and you could quite easily weed out the ones who play games to maintain the non gamer opinion. But thats only if you were seriously looking at regularly presenting both the "gamer" and "non-gamer" view.
Tyrmot 1st November 2008, 12:13 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
Maybe - but the problem is that there's only so long you can do a non-gamer review before your non-gamer actually becomes a gamer...

You need more sisters then :P - still, a good review - what she couldn't add to it was the gamer POV - that the combat actually scales quite well from casual to gamer... If you do know what you are doing it is possible to actually fight pretty well without just mashing keys - eg linking combos and rolls and headshots etc together and so catering to all tastes/skills.
Fod 1st November 2008, 12:13 Quote
so yeah, i find this review interesting, considering the fact that a lot of hardcore gamers have come out in favour of this game. personally, i'm neither hardcore nor casual - i like games a lot, yet don't really have the time to dig my teeth into games as much as i would like to. i found fable 2 amazing, to be frank. one of the most involving games i've ever played, and for the first time in a loooong while made me feel emotions other than 'die!' and 'bored', and, yes, regret/question my actions.

now if only nintendo could do a zelda game like this. i'm asking too much, aren't i.
Adnoctum 1st November 2008, 12:23 Quote
Originally Posted by Gunsmith

I'd like to think I'm as emotional as anyone else in my nostalgia over my gaming youth, but I don't think that I'm >>owed<< anything from my misplaced sense of loyalty.
Why misplaced? Because these aren't friends, family or comrades...they're a business, and businesses are out to make a profit. Which is a good thing, or there'd be no more games.

Pinning your hopes on the honour and other warm/fuzzy emotions of bean-counters is just an exercise in futility and frustration. You just have to move on to another game that hold true to the genre as you enjoy it. I think the only dead genre at the moment is largely, sadly, adventure games.
Although fingers crossed, this might just be the exception!! -->:
[PUNK] crompers 1st November 2008, 12:46 Quote
I liked that article, it was a good way of presenting the review. I dont think it would work if it was done too much though, it works in the context of this game and what molyneux has said previously.

Well done to faith, a very enjoyable read :-)
CardJoe 1st November 2008, 13:33 Quote
Originally Posted by Tyrmot
Originally Posted by CardJoe
Maybe - but the problem is that there's only so long you can do a non-gamer review before your non-gamer actually becomes a gamer...

You need more sisters then.

I already have three, and a brother - more than enough for me!
Veles 1st November 2008, 13:54 Quote
I just realised something, I can go on killing as much as I like, I won't grow horns. No, I have to shovel in the pies for that.
Jordan Wise 1st November 2008, 14:30 Quote
What an excellent article. It's this kind of stuff that separates bit-tech from the rest of the internet
WildThing 1st November 2008, 14:38 Quote
This was a very interesting read, great idea Bit-Tech! I thought the review was very well done and it was especially intriguing to see the point of view from a more casual perspective. I think more of these sorts of reviews could be a good thing, depending on the game of course. However, like Joe said, "there's only so long you can do a non-gamer review before your non-gamer actually becomes a gamer..." Unless you used hypnosis to wipe their short term memory, hehehe.
mrb_no1 1st November 2008, 15:43 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
Maybe - but the problem is that there's only so long you can do a non-gamer review before your non-gamer actually becomes a gamer...

enter rolling career placements of 2 weeks for budding journalists who dont game. But seriously, i think Joe wants to keep his job more than anything :P and this review served its purpose imo, to abide by molyneux's wishes of having a noob gamer do the review. I wont look any further into this game from her recommendation and descriptions of too many bandits during transit and from gameplay descriptions it sounds very monotanous, or would atleast become so after several hours of gaming. nice work by cardfaith


DXR_13KE 1st November 2008, 16:22 Quote
i think Faith should substitute Joe....:p
salesman 1st November 2008, 16:28 Quote
I just realized reading the comments on the article, which by the way is excellent. I first started playing video games when i was a kid on atari and original nintendo. Games then didn't need somebody to review it, it was just simple fun side scrollers. Developer and gamer both were new to it; I didn't really look at playing video gamest then as a gamer, but rather like what Faith has done with this article just from a standpoint of a kid, I mean that was my point of view. That's why I enjoyed this article, however I don't think I'll play fable 2 because I have friends that have already beaten it and said its too short just like fable 1. I'm just not feeling it.

Its games like contra, for the nes, where you're not going to beat it unless you are good at it, or you used the code. That's what makes a hardcore gamer its not just the person but also the game, and you're not going to beat that game (in general) until till you've given up a beautiful day outside to do so. I do understand peter's point though and I think it worked out fine except who are you writing this to? Its like Interplay's motto For gamers by gamers. What not gamer reads a review about a game? I mean some do but that's a slight minority. Sadly most games will only be as big as their hype, and I think that's all peter was trying to create here. Maybe I'll try it though, but I'm liking what I hear about fallout 3 better.
Tyrmot 1st November 2008, 16:45 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
Originally Posted by Tyrmot
You need more sisters then.

I already have three, and a brother - more than enough for me!

Ha yes ok, more than enough for anyone! :)
legoman666 1st November 2008, 17:09 Quote
Now that we have the non-gamer review, can one of the regular reviewers play the game and write their thoughts? It would be interesting to compare.
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