Facebreaker Hands-on Preview

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Hugo 25th July 2008, 09:31 Quote
It's just Ready to Rumble...

Not that that's necessarily a bad thing.
lewchenko 25th July 2008, 09:57 Quote
I didnt see in the preview article anything about how the Wii motion controllers come into play. it only mentions the button mashing elements. I take it the new Wii motion add-on for uber 1-1 motion tracking will not be supported either ?

Also, how does the Wii version compare graphically to the 360/PS3. Is it so bad that it distracts you from the game, or do you not really notice the graphics whilst playing.

EA's approach to all their games is 'few maps, few characters.... now love the downloadable content'. The BF2/BF2142 series were a perfect example of few maps in the initial release, and then paid for expansions that sometimes only had a couple of maps in them!!! Release... and then fleece! EA's mission statement. Pretty crap to be honest.. may as well reword DLC as Community Fragmentation rather than Community Growth.

Thanks for the preview though.
CardJoe 25th July 2008, 10:17 Quote
The controls of the Wii version are surprising good. Right and left jabs are as you'd expect, with pull backs powering the heavy moves. A and swings do special moves while the nunchuck stick and buttons move and block or crouch.

Interestingly, some of the characters in the Wii version have a right or left preference - Sparrow for example is left handed and does only 90% damage with her right hands, but 110% with her left. The opposite is true of some of the other chars.

The Wii graphics are pretty good. It's still in progress and I noted few spelling mistakes and placeholders that need to be caught, but it's on-par with the 360 just at a lower res and with no AA (Trey Smith admitted that the AA is something they are still working on adding as we speak.)
lewchenko 25th July 2008, 10:57 Quote
Thanks for the Wii info. I have a Wii and a PS3, so depending on how good the motion controls turn out to be will depend on which version I end up buying probably (if I do decide to buy).

One of the deciding factors for me with games like this is whether a 4yr old button masher toddler can beat an adult who is trying to coordinate his moves and attacks. Im hoping the wii version will mean that people must be coordinated rather than just shaking their hands everywhere and hitting all the buttons!

The wii sports boxing was disappointing as you are punishing for mimicking real punch movements with the controllers... just flip them like lollipops and you were a winner! Im hoping for more with this game!
p3n 25th July 2008, 19:15 Quote
The TF2 models are shown to be an even more perfect balance of polygons and texture detail ... that game looks retarded.
devdevil85 28th July 2008, 17:22 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
crappier than the inside of my toilet after another bit-tech BBQ
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