Top Spin 3

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Passarinhuu 1st July 2008, 09:16 Quote
No unlockable naked tennis modes?!?!!??!

proxess 1st July 2008, 11:06 Quote
used to play virtua tennis in arcade... how i miss arcade...
CardJoe 1st July 2008, 11:17 Quote
Originally Posted by Passarinhuu
No unlockable naked tennis modes?!?!!??!


Pfft. Tennis?!?!

Leitchy 1st July 2008, 11:21 Quote
Common Murray
sam.g.taylor 1st July 2008, 15:39 Quote
I think those graphics look like something my dog coughed up yesterday. But perhaps I'm just saying that because tennis is one of the few sports in real life that I like.
<A88> 1st July 2008, 15:56 Quote
Having got the original Top Spin on the Xbox I'm quite tempted by this, although certainly for the Wii instead of the 360- I've been waiting for a proper tennis title to come along and replace the Wii Sports iteration, just like Tiger Woods does to the golf.
Flibblebot 1st July 2008, 16:03 Quote
The graphics are actually OK - not stunning and as I said, the bodies seem out of proportion to the heads, but then when you're playing, all that becomes a moot point. You're not concentrating on the graphics, you're concentrating on the game.

It can't really be compared to Virtua Tennis, because VT is a tennis game, Top Spin is more of a simulator. This is evident by the fact that the fist pumps & celebration button presses from the first two games is gone (which used to annoy me anyway). It's not quite as easy to pick up and go as the first two games (and I've played all three now), but once you get the basics, it does actually make more sense as a control method.

I'd like to see how the Wii version fares, and how it manages movement around the court as well as the movement of the tennis racquet.

Still, if you like tennis, and you want something a little more challenging than Virtua Tennis, then give TopSpin a go.
Timmy_the_tortoise 2nd July 2008, 12:31 Quote
Originally Posted by Leitchy
Common Murray

What's a Common Murray?
Flibblebot 2nd July 2008, 14:28 Quote
It's like a Posh Murray, only without the Posh...
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