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HourBeforeDawn 2nd February 2008, 07:37 Quote
huh looks and sounds interesting and umm ya my mind went south when you started talking about a small thing that vibrates lol, oddly enough I thought about my ex but umm ya thats another story for a much different forum lol.
BioSniper 2nd February 2008, 07:39 Quote
It is a great game, so much so that I even went back on my previous opinions of it and bought it for the outrageously high 800 points (really, stuff should be 600), but every review site seems too liberal with the 10's for it, an 8 or a 9 would have been about right really as it is not a perfect game however enjoyable it may be.

The extra controller is also great for a foot massage btw.
CardJoe 2nd February 2008, 09:13 Quote
10 isn't a perfect game because there's no such thing. I think £5 is a perfectly reasonable amount for a game like this and the game is fun, novel, balanced , challenging and addictive. Add in low cost to that and it becomes a 10 in my eyes. I always think it over a lot when I hand out a ten, which I've only really done a handful of times, but I know that there's no point holding back on a high score just because you don't want to give out a ten and want to be seen as a hard-to-please kind of super serious critic. All you're doing then is making 8 or 9 your new 10.
BioSniper 2nd February 2008, 09:48 Quote
I understand where you are coming from, and I don't think what I intended to say actually came across right, just goes to show that thinking before typing is a GOOD idea folks :D

I honestly don't know how to express what I mean without it seeming like I am putting your review down or making it seem to personal and appearing that I'm saying "you're wrong!111onezmgbbq".
It's more that generally I think all reviews seem to be looking at it through rose tinted nostalgic glasses or similar, a couple of places have given it a ten despite flaws that the reviewers picked up on (and written in the review) such as the difficulty curve and I think it's that generally I'm having a hard time understanding exactly how they are rating stuff more than anything.
Is the review based on technical achievement? Fun factor? Value for money? or all of them then averaged?

Maybe its because I see things as fun/£ too much and that 800 points (or approx £6.85 based on £17.99/2100 points) is a little over the top for this particular title.

I do however still hold your reviews in higher regard than most of the rest that I read so please don't think this is a personal attack on you or your review style or anything like that, its more of a gripe at the industry as a whole for a lack of clarification and justification for 10's/perfect scores.
So it's ok, I still loves ya :P
CardJoe 2nd February 2008, 10:17 Quote
Lol - you don't need to worry about pissing me off.

The fact is, with games it's harder to rate than hardware. There's no charts or objectivity, which is why we don't break the scores down and we don't do decimals. There's realistically no way to objectify all that and the sites which do use decimals etc are most likely doing it to keep publishers happy IMO.

Instead, we kind of go on an overview or gut feeling. We know a 7 would be a game that is interesting to most players and not just to genre fans, though that game still has flaws. We know a 5 is game which has enough flaws to only be interesting to serious genre fans (hence, 5 is not a bad game, just a worse game than a 7 and, conversely, 7 is not the average or middle-score). We know 9 is a game which is very close to being excellent, but is probably bought down by one or two flaws that really mar aspects of the game, etc.

In this case, Rez does have one or two issues. It's a bit short and the difficulty is a bit odd. However, everything else is excellent. Normally, that would mean it gets a 9 - but the strengths of Rez are so interesting and new (plus the game reaches a level of artistry rarely seen in games) that the strengths overpower the weaknesses. It has flaws, but the game manages to overcome them and remain addictive and fun. The quick style of play means the difficulty (which is odd, but never hugely unfair) adds length and replay value and, while that would normally be a flaw by making players do the same levels over and over, the artistry and design makes it a delight, not a chore.

Perhaps it wasn't clear in the article (sorry), but for being a 9/10 game that manages to overcome it's inherent flaws through clever design and artistry, Rez becomes a 10/10 - especially when it's only a fiver.
Jebus.exe 2nd February 2008, 10:52 Quote
This is the best game review i've read this year :D
g3n3tiX 2nd February 2008, 11:57 Quote
I've always wanted to try Rez, but sadly I don't have a x360 nor a playstation. FInding the original game would be a difficult thing to do as well....
PS3 has flow, X360 has Rez. Unfair, as flow is relaxing but a bit short...
Hg 2nd February 2008, 14:45 Quote
Downloaded this and WOW! what a great remake it blew me away, if you loved the orignal then your love this, it plays like it use to but looks so much more better, its pure eye candy!
tranc3 2nd February 2008, 17:48 Quote
lol i saw the game girl advanced thing a while ago, thats what they intended. for couples with gamers in the relationship..
MonkeyNutZ 2nd February 2008, 21:53 Quote
ROFL... So they pay you to play with vibrators?
DXR_13KE 2nd February 2008, 23:08 Quote
the first thing that i find interesting is the conversion between $ and £.....
the second is the game it self.... looks amazing..... but i never heard of it, i think it never came here.

Nexxo 2nd February 2008, 23:45 Quote
Originally Posted by g3n3tiX
I've always wanted to try Rez, but sadly I don't have a x360 nor a playstation. FInding the original game would be a difficult thing to do as well....
PS3 has flow, X360 has Rez. Unfair, as flow is relaxing but a bit short...

It is not so hard to find a second hand copy of REZ. sells one for £35,-- and eBay has them for about £20,--. And a PS2 costs not very much these days.
E.E.L. Ambiense 2nd February 2008, 23:49 Quote
...which is unreliable at times and jumps around more than a bunny tied to an electric fence....

LOL. I love your analogies! Good stuff.

Interesting though. Learning curve aside, it sounds interesting to tinker around with.
Amon 3rd February 2008, 05:58 Quote
Gotta find where the soundtrack is sold. They have Freeland on it.
Lurks 3rd February 2008, 12:19 Quote
I heard my friends vaugely raving about this on the PS2 but it passed me by. But for a fiver on Live Arcade, what's not to like. Didn't even bother with the demo. Crumbs, it's a bit tasty isn't it. I should also add that I play on a 9 foot HD projector screen and all that trip out stuff veritably fills the room with retro-funky joy.

Live Arcade is so far reason enough to have a 360... I've also found that if you place it in the middle of a virgin wine box with six bottles of finest cabernet sauvignon either side of it the noise isn't too bad either :-)
Tim S 3rd February 2008, 12:31 Quote
Yep, I've been playing it this morning for a while... it's pretty addictive.
Hg 3rd February 2008, 16:18 Quote
Just found out too in the settings theres a place where u can set an extra xbox pad to be the trance Vibrator :P
DougEdey 3rd February 2008, 16:44 Quote
You can set up to 3
zerolock 3rd February 2008, 18:40 Quote
Is this cheesecake only available for crappy consoles :(
neillyb 4th February 2008, 15:05 Quote
I got this as soon as it was released on the marketplace and I absolutely love it. I'd also just taken receipt of a new 5.1 home cinema system which really adds so much more to the game. Rez is truly an original, amazing and fun game to play.

I still can't get past the final boss however, I keep dying!
CarlT2001 6th February 2008, 12:03 Quote
How come no mention about what the music is like in the review?
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