Splinter Cell: Double Agent

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WhiskeyAlpha 8th November 2006, 12:45 Quote
Good Lord! Those visuals look astonishing! I believe that's the 360 version right there, so whats the chances of me getting it to look like that on my rig
will. 8th November 2006, 14:16 Quote
Another game to add to my "i really really want but my pc wont play them looking like that untill I upgrade my pc for crysis, so i'll buy em after I've completed crysis" list.
Hamish 8th November 2006, 14:18 Quote

Whilst the graphics may have gotten snazzier over time, gameplay, however, hasn't really changed much.
so what? :p
am i the only one that thinks this isnt a problem? the gameplay has always been great even if it is the same

i did prefer the old UI to the new one tho, no health bar, didnt like the new interaction menu stuff either
i got used to it but still not as good as the old style

new moves are always fun, pulling people through the ice and grabbing people while you're against a wall :D

The PC version doesnt seem to look as good as the xbox version tho (still looks really nice though) :(
Da Dego 8th November 2006, 20:30 Quote
Originally Posted by Hamish
so what? :p
am i the only one that thinks this isnt a problem? the gameplay has always been great even if it is the same
YES! This reminds me of Thief, Descent, and Deus Ex. I didn't WANT the gameplay to change! They were good games! Thief 2 was one of the best games I've ever played. I just wanted more of the same, with some snazzy new levels and some nice engine updates to keep it current.

:( If you're already at "excellent," you probably won't be there still if you walk away from it.
Emon 8th November 2006, 23:11 Quote
I believe Wil meant that the gameplay doesn't even evolve. Thief II could have had more gameplay improvements over Thief I. There are plenty of flaws in the SC gameplay model, and I think he meant that they don't do much to fix them.
Wossack 9th November 2006, 01:40 Quote
I guess Ill wait till the pc review 'fore I start moaning about the SM 3.0 requirement :(

zr_ox 9th November 2006, 12:19 Quote
That looks truly stunning, and I for one cant wait to play it.

Just need to get my hands on an 8800GTX.
Mike89 25th November 2006, 18:07 Quote
Just need to get my hands on an 8800GTX

I have one. I also have this game. Problem is I can't play it. There is a big problem with this game and this card using the only drivers available at the current time (97.02). Game has big problems even starting and when it does start, there are so many visual anomolies that it's hard to tell where you're even at in the game. For now I have this game just sitting until Nvidia (or the game maker) fixes this issue.
Gordy 26th November 2006, 12:41 Quote
Glad it got a good review as I've ordered it when I saw it on sale at £24.99. Couldn't resist. Just got to wait for it to arrive. :)
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