Rainbow Six: Vegas Preview

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Houck 1st November 2006, 12:00 Quote
Cool game. I got to get it!
kempez 1st November 2006, 12:31 Quote
Ye but...but...GoW....must_not_buy_both
M4RTIN 1st November 2006, 14:19 Quote
i downloaded the demo and expected it to be identical to gr:aw but its a much better game. dont know if i'll buy it tho, i want gow and i still havent bought tdu..

gears of war will be the biggest oppenoent this game will have, even though its a very different game
PA!N 1st November 2006, 16:11 Quote
Gotta get this game...I'm a huge Tom Clancy Fanboy. I love the games (most of 'em and his books (the ones he wrote himself)
Skill3d 1st November 2006, 16:42 Quote
pretty nice, I like the feature of puttin your own head on a character, will this feature be available on the pc?

(will buy this one anyway)
Garside 1st November 2006, 16:49 Quote
I don't think the picture ability will be available on the PC. Did you like my character though? I call him 'black condom head'
Tim S 1st November 2006, 17:11 Quote
you look like a condom head IRL though. ;)
glaeken 1st November 2006, 17:46 Quote
The models look excellent, so do the environments. Think I'll definitely have to get this game. The only thing that bothers me is the hdr inside the buildings is too much. At least I noticed this a lot in the loadout screen. His load vest was way too shiny, the hdr inside a building needs to be scaled down. And a load vest wouldn't be that shiny anyways. But besides that, the game looks great.

Edit: I hope it's better than the last rainbow 6. That one was just so boring and unengaging. It lacked the same feverish action that the original and rogue spear had.
monkeyville 1st November 2006, 17:53 Quote
Having played Rainbow 6: Raven Sheild religiously for 3 years I can safely say I'm going to be upgrading my entire pc just to play this once its out. Roll on 1st December.
Veles 1st November 2006, 21:43 Quote
Will you guys be previewing/reviewing the PC version too? I much prefer this game on the PC, but the last Rainbow Six (lockdown or something) was awful, I really hope they can make this one as good as the others.
Houck 2nd November 2006, 10:00 Quote
I really hated Lockdown. I hope it plays better.
Gunblade 2nd November 2006, 10:32 Quote
With what they have done to the series because of the popularity on the xbox disgusted me. The game is supposed to strive for realism and taking down terrorists. The xbox games were horrible.

The last good Rainbow Six game was Ravenshield. I played that game to death, especially online and even played through the third free expansion pack.

However Lockdown pissed me off so much. Ugh. I HOPE to god Vegas is not as bad and brings back what I love about Rainbow Six games.
xAPx SneakyCant 16th November 2006, 12:07 Quote
I have one question, will the cover system used in the single player campaign be incorporated into the multiplayer? Not just in the co-op but in deathmatch as well? Ubisoft have a habit of making the single player different to the multiplayer, like GRAW for example. This is my one concern with the 360 version.

And yeah, I agree Gunblade, Rqavenshield on PC was definitely the best Rainbow game. I didnt mind the Xbox versions but i could never get into the multiplayer side of it though. But lockdown licked balls, Ill admit.
Garside 16th November 2006, 12:38 Quote
The multiplayer version uses the same cover principles as the single player. Obviously your opponents can use it as well!
xAPx SneakyCant 16th November 2006, 15:50 Quote
Thanks for the quick reply mate, you just made me a happy boy!
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